Well let this thing begin!!!


I have been totally inspired by a good friend to get on and do this blog, she is an inspirational Brighton Mum who just see’s no barriers in this world and always sees things as just within reach, Yes Michelle McCann that person is you! so a huge thank you to you for always being so blooming lovely.

I am a 32 year old married mum living in Brighton. I have a very very energetic 2 year old daughter who really keeps me on my toes and out of my bed and there in lies the problem.
I have a form of arthritis called Ankylosing spondilitis which is an autoimmune disease in the spine and hips and has a massive impact on the muscle skeletal system. I am on a lot of drugs to help ease pain & inflammation but this suppresses your immune system making you super tired!! on top of having a child that wakes up on average 4 times a night before 3:30am and then ends up in the marital double bed doing acrobatics the Cirque du Soleil would be envious of, making our double bed seem like a single bed with 3 people in it!!!!
I find life tricky enough what with being tired all the time, constant various body parts doing weird and wonderful things like Jamming, swelling, aching to the bone, muscle spasms, people constantly saying “oh god what’s wrong with you now!” “you are always ill” which makes you feel super crappy. I have now had to give up work for a while to try and get my health back on track and sort my daughters sleeping issues out.
My gorgeous daughter blue eyes, blond curly hair, stunning teeth and a set of lips Angelina Jolie would covet. She oozes personality from every pore and has the comedy timing of Michael Macintyre, is a total Daddy’s girl and constantly wants to be in your arms dancing (this really is a killer for the back!)
My husband the entrepreneur in waiting, is the hardest working man i have ever met and risen to his success through pure hard workand respect of the people he as worked with. He has the patience of a saint is ever doting on our daughter and so laid back he is horizontal, needless to say i am the bad cop in our house.
When stressed I bake and bake a lot, i am trying to get myself sorted to started selling my wares so watch this space!
I am going to stop my ramblings here, and will post once a week with the adventures of the arthritic Mum and her energetic monkey that shall be named C!
Ramble to you again soon xx

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