Well this thing has really begun!


Well since last Friday and my frst blog post it has been an interesting fun and uplifting week with a a tiny downside. It all started late Friday night when I had recommendations to follow people on twitter from my colleague at Social Media Mums. My phone started to go bonkers as follower requests were accepted and more recommended lots of welcome messages received some amusing conversations exchanged. As the week has gone on I have opened up a new world of contacts and suddenly feel like a part of something again!!! I had no idea that a social networking site could suddenly turn me from a slummy mummy to a mummy in touch with the world and a spring in my step that tigger would proud of, let the fun continue…

I have also made a small tentative baby step towards realising my dream of running my own cupcake business. I have done my first wedding cake sample which I spent days trying to perfect, I ended up looking a bit like a smurf for a few days from the blue food colouring i was trying out, and a few yellow stains which looked slightly dodgy. Even if the order does not come through it has given me the confidence to really do it and I feel like i have the confidence to go ahead with my plans.

My downside was that since Saturday my little C has been really under the weather with raging temperatures, a runny nose, hot and itchy heat rash and a chronic case of the grumps, with no real illness manifesting, apart from a nasty case of sounding like Angelica from the rug rats!!! She has looked like she has been in pain, but she still went to nursery and seem to appreciate being out the house and out from under my fussing wing

And today I was supposed to have friends come over to play with her and she sobbed that she did not want anyone here, and while putting my coat on to get out the house and get her some fresh air and some of that elusive sunshine that seems to have made an appearance I turned round to find she had nodded off in the buggy to the very loud computer game music from next door before we could even get out the house!! So I get some much needed chill time to have a snuggle on the sofa.

This has not been a good week for my poor back either as I have spasms and twinges going on all over the place and cant afford to get a massage or chiropractic treatment. I currently feel like a 90 year old women probably from my child being permanently in my bed doing her acrobatics.

My little C has picked up some interesting vocabulary recently she insists in a very adult manner while trying to chivvy Mummy and Daddy along to say “Come on boys and Girls” and her current fave is “Oh my God” always said at volume loud enough for people hear and have to double take on the bus. And best not last and most delightful one always said at a volume I wish she would not say is “Bum Peanut”and yes that little gem really means what you think!

Over and out for this week see you in 7 days.

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