Potties and Sleep Deprivation


Well this has been an extraordinary week, to me maybe not others i will explain later But mainly it has been about little C sleeping or not and potty training!!

In my beautiful circle of Mum friends (and believe me they truly are!!) it is the dreaded thing and few were surprised when I said I had started the dreaded potty training, but I have to say so far it has not been to painful.

We have had a potty in house for probably the last 8 months and it has been used for everything you can imagine, on one occasion before it was ever used for its true purpose I walked into the room to find my little C eating her much loved fruit from the pink plastic pot!!

I have on many occasions tripped over the retched pink plastic pot, thankfully never with any pee in it. We have gained a second one to, this one being a chair type number higher off the ground still pink, now there is more to trip over in the dark! this one was given to us by Little C’s much adored Cousin Emma in the vain hope that it would encourage C to try the potty more. so now we have two pink potty’s one includes images of peppa pig.

C did start to use the potty but it was hit and miss she went through a period of time only wanting to sit on it while watching Mr Tumble and if a wee appeared it was by pure fluke and she was just as shocked as we were when it happened.

But the last 6 weeks have been great she has been using it more and more and we invested in a toilet seat and step and we have discovered that she C is a little toilet monster only using the toilet, leaving the two pink pots loitering in the corners of any room C has deemed to move them to.

She is now going to nursery 3 days a week in a pull up due to the length of travel we have to do, Idon’t fancy a pee soaked buggy! and wearing knickers all day and home again in a pull up for the night. Wearing knickers at home and even waking in the night and asking for a wee so we are making good innings on a lengthy process. Maybe one day i will be able to turn the 10 alarms off on my mobile phone that go off every 45 mins flashing up potty time on the days that little C is at home (They are seriously turning me into a dizzy dribbling wreck and make my ears hurt and all my conversations stop!) My husband recently commented to a friend “never has taking a pee been so celebrated” really made me chuckle

Well sleep is another matter we have had a nightmare with our daughter since she went into hospital just after her 1st birthday with a serious chest infection and breathing difficulties, 3 nights spent in hospital and our little C’s came out of hospital with a mended chest but seriously damaged sleep.

Up until the last month C was waking up on average at least 4 times a night after 12:00pm,being put back in her bed for her to sometimes not fall back to sleep at all. The worst case being trying to get her to sleep for 2 ½ hours for her to end up getting up with me and watch DVD’s and not go to sleep until 1:30 the next afternoon. I was seriously delirious my hubby had to come home from work to calm us both down. That was the day after 3 months of being off her dummy I gave it back to her to save my sanity, as soon as I did she asked to go in her buggy and fell straight to sleep and proceeded to sleep through to the next morning, this was the most extreme.

Recently though things have improved, instead of taking over an hour to get her to sleep or sometimes more she seems to have accepted that she has to go to bed and will willingly get into bed have stories read to her, drink her milk, and what seems like ages of twitching, fidgeting asking for a wee and her new favourite “can i have just a little milky” she gently nods off to her glow worm (the best £10 i have ever spent!). But at any point in the evening we can hear the thundering of tiny elephant feet coming down the hall.

Normally this just means she is still asleep and easily popped back into bed but again an hour down the line she will be up again, we pop her back into bed and another two hours later she will be up again asking for milky and getting quite upset until we give in and give it to her. By 3:30 in the morning she is in our bed kicking the covers off making the hubby and I very cold and pretty naffed off and very tired!!, this on top of the medication I take that makes you tired , the lack of sleep and a lot of pain from a pint size foot being thrust in your eye you get to the stage that I reached, I had to give up work as my arthritis was off the chart and I was going as a mad as a march hare.

While writing this C has been up twice and I anticipating she will be in my bed by 3:00 (not so bad tonight as hubby is on a stag do so leaves us plenty of space). We have tried every combination imaginable to ease the sleep situation and can come to no conclusion as to what is causing it, we can only pinpoint the time it started. Anyone who reads this that as an suggestions please do leave a comment and i will try it out and let you know how it went.

Two good thing that has come from this is my ability to fulfil a dream of starting my cupcake business and boy have things taken a giant leap this week When I have more details I will share but for now Flour & Sprinkles has been born.but I have also had good news from the hospital on my 6 monthly check up at the hospital my specialist was very happy with the improvement in my condition purely down to the medication and giving up work (oh and a lot of steroid injections).


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