What a week….


This week has been exhausting C has been a mare for going to sleep, it has been taking sometimes up to two hours to get her to sleep, and it is so frustrating as she will scratch the mattress hit herself on the head with her Bun Bun and Moo Moo, keep getting out of bed telling me the gap in her door is not perfect that she needs a wee, or that she needs squash or the V Tech ceiling projector on her little chair is not in the right place!!!! aaarggghhhh is all I feel like screaming!!!!

She has a million excuses for not settling to go to sleep.
So this week I decided I had to try and do something drastic I stopped using the buggy, in the vain hope that it may make her more tired, on the days we go to nursery we walk to the bus stop which is a good 20 minute walk and on the way home from nursery we walk a good 20 mins and get off the bus and then a ten minute walk to get home.
C usually falls asleep in the buggy on the way home from nursery and I walk the 45 minute journey to get some exercise. I put C to bed while she is asleep, but this is a big problem as she sleeps for2 1/2 hours and then wakes up and it can take another 2 hours to get her back to sleep, it is almost like she uses this as the day time nap she does not have during the day any more.
Well the first day we did it at bed time C fretted for a short while in the chair in her bedroom had a couple of stories read to her and then asked to sleep on the floor, we laid down together and within 5 mins she was out cold, only waking once that night and then on Tuesday we had hell again and the week just continued like this, needless to say my eyes could now rival a pandas and I am getting more forgetful and ditsy by the Second (and for those who know me well, yes it possible)
On the days that she is not at nursery I try to make sure she is using as much energy as possible and trying to stick to a good routine, she does tend to take a nap during the day which is lovely and she does not do this at nursery, but it really effects her sleep and the enduring battle starts again.
My worry with C’s sleeping issues is what effect the lack of sleep is having on her, she still seems very happy keen and eager, she still whizz’s around at a million miles an hour, but does constantly tell the hubby and I that she is tired and will flake at various times in day for a period of time to sit quietly. Her eyes look purple and she looks like she has bruising across her nose and as a fairly pale child this stands out quite a bit. We both look a completely state at the moment both so tired.
But the week also had it’s big upside, I won two clients for my cupcake business, and did some work for TJ at Bras for Mums at the Baby show in London which was really good fun it helped that I had a good friend by my side! and I got meet some lovely Mums who I now have have contact with on twitter
Through this work I was given a baby sling to try it takes children from newborn to a child up to 35lb and I have been using it. C was delighted by it, and really enjoyed the face to face conversations we have been able to have while walking and she seems really comfortable.
I feel like all I do and speak about at the moment is C’s sleeping issues and how tired I am, I am a mum on the edge. I promise my next blog will be lighter and fun
Until next week xxx

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