Oh so tired!


I know it sounds like I moan a lot (yup I do!!) but blimey this week has been exhausting.

I have been trying out a new routine with C to see if we can help ease her major sleep issues which i spoke about in my last blog, so i will try not to repeat myself to much, and unfortunately I have a habit of doing just that!
We are no longer using the buggy on nursery days, we have our long walk to the bus stop at least 30 minutes with the speed C walks, calling a snail speedy would be quite accurate she walks so blooming slow, and then she stops to point at and aske to stroke every hound we come across.
Then on the way home we walk the 25 minute journey to the bus stop with C asking if every adult male and female we come across is somebody’s Mummy or Daddy and no matter how much I try to explain to her that not everyone is daft enough to have children she still insists in pointing and shouting at the top of her lungs, thankfully people find it quite amusing and say whether or not they are a Mummy or Daddy.
C no longer eats her tea at nursery, she was so put off eating with 4 kids hanging off the table gawping at her food and trying to stick their fingers in it, she just gave up trying to eat.
We now have a routine of Tea, Bath, books, milk and thankfully so far sleep! yes I really said sleep glorious sleep!!! Her little legs are so tired and heavy, and it seems we have found a way to zap the left over energy from the day. She is now sleeping about a 5 hours straight before the first wake up and she is much easier to put back to bed, by the third wake up which is now about 4:30am she will get into our bed which I can handle.
BUT from all the walking and picking up of C when her legs go to jelly and she is tripping over every 3 seconds and the half a ton of gear we have to take to nursery now that she is potty traing, 3 days a week i resemble a pack horse, my poor back is in pieces and this in turn makes me super tired.
I have since stopped believing that my caffeine eye roll on will have any effect on my incredible panda eyes. The toe joint steroid injection I had a few months ago is once again so painful that it hurts to put my foot in my trainers. I feel another visit to the docs is coming to approach the subject of my painful elbow which is now so sore i cant ignore it and I know this is going to involve more needles and steroids.
I am going to leave you with this little anecdote:
I have nagged my hubby to clean our fish Wobble out for months, the poor blighter was in a very sorry state. My hubby had a lack of storage for wobble while he cleaned the foetid tank and decided the only receptacle available to him was my daughters unused pink potty!!! and much to his amusement sent me in to the bathroom to take a look but did not tell what I was looking for? Until I looked down! I did try to berate him but could not for giggling, he was sniggering like a naughty school boy with such delight at his little prank.
Till next week peeps

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