Weddings, Flower Girls, Little C the Disco Diva and Biting…


This week has been all about building up to two of my best friends wedding, and making sure that little C kept her mitts of her pure white flower girl dress.
She was very excited about meeting another of the flower girls Luli who according to C “lived in a pan” meaning that little Luli comes from Japan. C certainly fulfilled her duty as flower girl she managed to keep her dress clean right up to the point that the food arrived! she walked back up the aisle with the wedding party, she interacted with all the adults on our table even getting them into the sticker books given to her in a goody bag (I think they enjoyed them more than her) wearing her animal masks and feeding them her much loved peas.
We thought she would be shattered but she heard the disco start up and was the first on the dance floor, Little C is a total disco diva throwing some impressive shapes. she was enjoying it so much she lasted until 11pm and out danced both the hubby and I, we had to call it a day as I had forgotten my flat shoes and was really feeling the pain of wearing heels for the first time in a long time, and it wont be happening again any time soon!
Bless her she was so tired that when we put her in the car seat and before we could even close the doors the Duracell bunnies batteries ran down, she was snoring heartily with a content little smile on her face as if to say “my work here is done!”
C still managed to wake up twice in the night and was up at the ungodly hour of 6:30am much to Daddy’s horror and disgust as he was at the hotel bar until 2:30 in the morning as he had not been drinking due to driving and tried to make up for it by meeting up with the wedding party in the bar and relaxing into a few pints (much earned and deserved I have to say)
This beautiful wedding will not be forgotten in a hurry it was so emotional and heartfelt, and you really felt like a part of the whole day and experience, and I could not wish my to friends a happier future together they really are two amazing people!!!
We had a great week of sleep and seem to be taking little steps to getting C into a better routine. Potty training is going from strength to strength with her wearing Knickers all the time and even being able to take a nap for 2 hours without any accidents and whenever she is at home with me she has started to nap during the day again, total and utter bliss!!!!
And then we had 3 awful biting incidents at nursery just to add to our ever growing list of things we need to educate C about NOT doing because it is not nice and naughty. The first two incidents were in retaliation two other incidents during the day (this in no way excuses what she has done), but the third was to tally unprovoked, the biting did however start after C herself was bitten on the face which left a bruise and four nasty little nasher marks.
As a parent I know I should not feel this but I felt embarrassed and slightly ashamed that it was my child doing this, you never at nursery want your child to be known as a biter!
We have demonstrated lightly on her arm what happens when she bites her friends and she seemed to be quite shocked and got even more upset when I demonstrated it on her Bun Bun and Moo Moo her much loved soother teddies, this seemed to effect her even more and since we have done this we have not had any more biting but we have to wait and see what the next few weeks hold?? as I feel most of the biting came from being very over tired, but hopefully with the new routine and C getting more sleep the biting will not happen again.
I would love to know how other parents have handled a child who has started biting, if you read this blog and have any advice please please leave a comment as I am really interested and may be able to take on any advice given!

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