A quiet week and a bad bus journey!


Well this is a surprise we have had a very quiet week, we have had no major battles with C she is sleeping fairly well and I actually feel like I am making up for some lost sleep.

My hubby made my weekend by booking us our first family holiday abroad for early June I cannot wait BUT it means I really have to sort the beach body out!! I feel that with the state it is in I could clear the beach in 5 seconds flat and have it all to myself. It is going to take a lot of will power and hard work but i will have to do it.
Since C has been getting some sleep she is like a different child, so vibrant and cheeky, she woke up the other morning walked into the kitchen were my hubby was making the tea and said “Daddy I had a lovely sleep!” she has been so much more affectionate and her temper has calmed right down. We have had no more biting so I feel I have succeeded and made a few steps forward.
I just need to get my arthritis back under control and all will be right in our little world, on that note I would just like to say to the women that had a go at me on the bus the other day for sitting in the “Disabled or those less able to stand” seats, that just because my disability is not visible and I am young does not give you the right to shout at me on a packed bus “there is nothing wrong with you get out of those seats, the cheek of you taking up seats that some people really need” I was having an awful day with my arthritis my lower back was aching so badly I just wanted to sit and cry, my hips felt like someone was trying to pry them open with a crow bar. I had constant muscle spasms going on in my neck and shoulders I felt so low and she just made it 10 times worse.
I know my disability is not visible but I look like hell at the moment and I know I am young (well 32) but it is so unnecessary to try and humiliate someone, if she had asked kindly I would have moved and she just made such a flash judgement on me without even considering that I could have a serious problem and I don’t normally sit in those seats no matter how bad I feel but the bus was really busy and everything was hurting so much I did not fancy pushing through hordes of people, I would just like people to not have a go at me, I really have had enough.
It is hard enough constantly being uncomfortable tired and feeling in general like an old lady, as well as having a 2 year old to look after and yes I know I chose to have a child so I cannot really complain about it, but I did not choose to have a child that does not sleep.
I have an auto immune disease which means my own immune system is attacking my body, I am on immune suppressing drugs to stop it happening which means I have next to no immune system, so to sum up I have pretty crappy health, and I really try not to moan about it but sometimes I just have to let it all out.
I have the most amazing family who listen when I moan and give me love when I most need it and the most amazing hubby who is always there for me, even my little C asks to give my back a kiss when I say it hurts and gives me the best cuddles that really do heal the worst of ills so I am going to stop this little rant right now chin up and best foot forward (and I really do have one of those)
Have a happy week xx

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