It’s a miracle!


Well this is a really good week and I mean a really good week!! I am writing this blog with a smile on my face and a spring in my step!

My delightful, adorable, amazing little C has been a true angel, she has slept through every night for the last week going to bed between 7:30 and 8:00pm and sleeping through until 7:30am, I wll not lie to you she has got up in the night but as soon as we put her back in bed she is asleep without fuss or chatter she is so accepting of her bed time routine I almost don’t feel like it is real!
apart from not using the buggy on nursery days and her having tea at home we are doing nothing different, C has done it all herself, maybe it is the sudden change in the weather that has effected her mood or maybe a growth spurt I really don’t know, but I am certainly not complaining about it.
But at the moment our house is a very happy harmonious one we are all sleeping so much better and C wakes up in the morning and asks for her breakfast, is happy to walk to nursery and is having the best time at nursery and is full of chatter and funny little comments and stories she is a true pleasure to be around.
I am loving the weather to and hoping that with the improvement in the weather will come an improvement in my arthritis as it has been pretty awful recently, but the fun I am having with C and all the stunning clusters of beautiful spring flowers that I keep spotting all over Brighton are really lifting my spirits, oh and the fact that my hubby has booked our first family holiday abroad I am currently a very happy bunny!
I still plugging away at my cupcake business, if anyone wants to try my cakes i am baking for fresh new beginnings Yummy Mummy event at a wonderful Eco Spa in Brighton called Uniquely Organic

Yummy Mummies

With rebirth and the patter of tiny feet in mind, our ‘Yummy Mummy’ event is taking place on Pregnancy bumpWednesday 30 March, 6-8pm. It’s not just for mums though as anyone can come and help us celebrate this evening of girly fun. For £3 entrance, you get two talks on pregnancy massage and pregnancy yoga by UO practitioners Susie and Lucy respectively and there’s 20% off all products and treatments booked on the night, plus 15-minute taster facials for just £5.

To secure your place at our event and to book your taster treatment simply contact reception on

01273 726973 or email

Sorry for the plug but I really want to succeed in my business it is my passion and I love being so creative final plug please check out my facebook page it fu


Thank you for reading and until next week stay healthy and happy!


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