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Migraines an ambulance trip and the most tolerant child in the world


Well this week has not been the greatest! I have started to have awful migraines again it started a week ago on a trip to the park with some friends for a picnic, they had just come back from their honeymoon and we really wanted to catch up with them, to give them their wedding gift and hear all about the adventures.

While in Sainsburys I got a pinched nerve feeling in my neck and shoulder it got so really painful While at the park I started to get weird fragmented vision and then 10 mins later I had numb fingers and then my arm went numb then my teeth and face and within 20 mins I was back to normal and spent the rest of the day in the park have a fab time. But by the time we got home boom it started again but my right side went this time. By the next day I could not move my neck and shoulder and my head was killing me, the docs prescribed some drugs and sent them to me but they made me so sick my hubby ended up having to take time off to look after C and take her to and from nursery.

Then just yesterday I was rushed into hospital again by ambulance as the same thing happened, I could not speak feel my hands and my sight had totally gone, I was needless to say really freaked out, but after an hour and half at the hospital some specialist IV migraine drugs and I was back on my feet feeling a bit spaced out and groggy but a million times better.

C has been amazing through this whole week she has just got on with it and come into my room every now and then to give me a kiss on the head and say I love you mummy. she seems so grown up sometimes, it worries me that because of my poor health it is going to force her to grow up much quicker than she needs to. She really is an amazing little girl with such a mature wise little head on her two and half year old shoulders, I am so proud of her, for being so tolerant of her poorly mummy.

Being this poorly again has made me appreciate how much I should make of my healthy time with C, get out enjoy the sunshine and not fret about things so much

But on a much lighter note I have the loveliest weekend planned with friends and family. I am doing Bbq on the beach this evening with friends, and when we come home we are putting all of C’s dummies in a bag and leaving them out for the Easter bunny, and when she discovers they have gone tomorrow she knows that on Sunday there will be a huge surprise for her, we have arranged a huge Easter egg hunt and at the end will be her new twist and roll scooter!! she has been desperate to own and not stopped going on about it.

We have been avoiding getting her one as they scare the hell out us, we have seen one to many kids face plant off them but if it helps ease her from her dummies we are willing to give in (I really hope I don’t l ive to regret this decision). On Easter Sunday we are also going to have a BBq at My hubby’s brothers house and some of his other brothers are attending to I am so looking forward to all the yummy food and seeing C running around with her adored cousin Emma.

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Win an ipad2 with the #easteregghunt 27th April sign up here follow @createdotnet for the clues

One week, one stomach bug and some brainteasing toilet questions…


Well we have had an amazing week, NOT we went to Devon to see my parents for my Husbands Birthday and Mothers day (they were on consecutive days this year) we also managed to stop off in Linfield to spoil my amazing mother in law (she really is amazing!).

We were doing really well on the 250 mile trip with C sleeping most of the way until we hit a traffic jam of epic proportions! We were stuck for and hour and a half of non moving traffic and were going slightly bonkers by the time C woke up in the most amazing and funny mood, never have we been able to say before that she handled being stuck in the car better than us, but she kept us sane until we could get on are way again.

But poor C threw up in the car on the way which is rare for her, I can count on one hand the number of time she has been sick exactly 3. We had a first experience as parents of having to stop t the roadside on the motorway to clean her up. She kept saying she needed the potty but could we get her to go! She was not enamoured with Lorries whizzing by and rocking the car and all the noise, thankfully we had had the foresight to pop her in a nappy before we set off as we new she was not yet in control of her bowels enough to travel 250 miles, but bless her she did keep asking to go to the loo and her nappy remained dry (maybe I should have had a little more faith in her control)

I love visiting my parents that live in a stunning part of Devon and have amazing views of rolling green hills and everything there is done at such a leisurely pace, we are not allowed to lift a finger and they spoil C rotten a lot with their love and affection, and the well placed treat.

I think my mum had forgotten how much poo a toddler can produce, she let C run around without her morning nappy on (normally still on from bedtime) and she could not get to the loo in time and laid one neatly out the hallway carpet, it was at this point the hubby and I decided to pretend we were still fast asleep.

But little did we know that this was the beginning of a very nasty week long tummy bug that would wipe C out for 3 days. We went to visit the Living Coast in Torquay and visit C’s much beloved penguins, they are totally free roaming and even have their own little penguin crossing. C loved it as did all the family; the last time I visited there I was 6 months pregnant with C. She did get me a classic in the toilet though, which had my mum in stitches! C and I were sharing a cubicle she had already been to the loo and was waiting for me, when at the top of her voice decided to ask somne very embarrassing questions like

Do you have bit bits or a willy?

Are you doing a poo Mummy?

Can i wipe your bit bits mummy?

Then decided she had had enough of waiting for me to finish on the loo and flung the toilet door open with me still sitting on it! This had me frantically trying to pull her back (while sitting on the loo) shouting please noooo i am not finished close the door, all I could hear was mu mother killing herself laughing and not coming to my recue! I now feel this was Karma coming to bight me on the but for years of giving my mum hell?

C slept a lot that weekend and it broke my heart to see her so poorly. She has lost a lot of weight to and we have only just managed to get her weight back to where it should be! She had to have a week of nursery as anything that went in it came straight back out, and she as taken it upon her self to stop eating, this bit is really worrying me as she is now better and still refusing to eat!

Mothers day was wonderful I got spoilt as did my Mum; my hubby had a most enjoyable birthday and got thoroughly spoilt to. But at least while C was recuperating at home we had some glorious sunshine to roam about it!

Out The Mouth of Babes!


Well I missed a week of writing my blog as I was ridiculously busy baking cupcakes for a yummy mummy event at a local spa in Brighton, it took up so much time but I loved every second and felt like my new venture was really happening Flour and Sprinkles is here for good. Little C is now convinced that all cupcakes made in our house are for her and has discovered the love of having the last little bit of butter cream frosting squirted into her mouth from the piping bag, it is her little treat for being so patient with me and all the baking I have to do and it is only ever a tiny bit so really does no harm (I hope!)

My blog this week is about the comedy lines my daughter comes out with as I really want to keep a record of some of the classics my beautiful and very articulate 2.5 year little C has come out with over the last few months, her speech is astounding and she never ceases to amaze me with her comments and one liners:

  • While standing on a chair in a service station waggling both her fingers at us with a really stern look on her face “listen I will not be eating a ham sandwich and that is final!!”
  • Man walking past us on the street at the top of her lungs “that man belongs to the church” me “why??” C “ because he is tall and he talks!”
  • While walking past a church “look mummy Jesus, he lives in a castle with a dragon”
  • Briefly waking up in the car searching for her dummy she giggles her head off just says “eew bogies” pops her dummy back in her mouth and falls straight back to sleep!
  • That is just ridiculous Mummy!
  • My daddy is at work; he works really hard and is a dude! (this was said to a random stranger at the park)
  • When asked are you beautiful C she turns round looking horrified and like you are totally dumb and says “no I am a princess”
  • When she does something wrong and you point it out she turns round and says “silly me”

My how she manages to make you feel so small sometimes yet have you in stitches the next!

Whilst booking our holiday the shop assistant started to admire the picture C was drawing and said “wow isn’t that a beautiful picture is it of Mummy and Daddy?” to which C replied with a look of pure are you stupid and a little humph “nooo it is dolphin cant you see that!” the tone of her voice was one of are you totally stupid? The shop assistant laughed and said she had never been cut to the quick so fast by a 2 year old, thankfully everyone found it quite funny.

While doing something she is not comfortable with C will chant “oh God” like when she goes down the waterslide at the swimming pool. And when she hits the water “goodness me”.

Sometimes is not so much what C says but the look on her face and the tone or intonation in her voice it is of a child much older than she is. I feel that when she hits her teens I am going to have a very hard time, if she can answer me back so well now what will she be like when hormones kick in!!!