One week, one stomach bug and some brainteasing toilet questions…


Well we have had an amazing week, NOT we went to Devon to see my parents for my Husbands Birthday and Mothers day (they were on consecutive days this year) we also managed to stop off in Linfield to spoil my amazing mother in law (she really is amazing!).

We were doing really well on the 250 mile trip with C sleeping most of the way until we hit a traffic jam of epic proportions! We were stuck for and hour and a half of non moving traffic and were going slightly bonkers by the time C woke up in the most amazing and funny mood, never have we been able to say before that she handled being stuck in the car better than us, but she kept us sane until we could get on are way again.

But poor C threw up in the car on the way which is rare for her, I can count on one hand the number of time she has been sick exactly 3. We had a first experience as parents of having to stop t the roadside on the motorway to clean her up. She kept saying she needed the potty but could we get her to go! She was not enamoured with Lorries whizzing by and rocking the car and all the noise, thankfully we had had the foresight to pop her in a nappy before we set off as we new she was not yet in control of her bowels enough to travel 250 miles, but bless her she did keep asking to go to the loo and her nappy remained dry (maybe I should have had a little more faith in her control)

I love visiting my parents that live in a stunning part of Devon and have amazing views of rolling green hills and everything there is done at such a leisurely pace, we are not allowed to lift a finger and they spoil C rotten a lot with their love and affection, and the well placed treat.

I think my mum had forgotten how much poo a toddler can produce, she let C run around without her morning nappy on (normally still on from bedtime) and she could not get to the loo in time and laid one neatly out the hallway carpet, it was at this point the hubby and I decided to pretend we were still fast asleep.

But little did we know that this was the beginning of a very nasty week long tummy bug that would wipe C out for 3 days. We went to visit the Living Coast in Torquay and visit C’s much beloved penguins, they are totally free roaming and even have their own little penguin crossing. C loved it as did all the family; the last time I visited there I was 6 months pregnant with C. She did get me a classic in the toilet though, which had my mum in stitches! C and I were sharing a cubicle she had already been to the loo and was waiting for me, when at the top of her voice decided to ask somne very embarrassing questions like

Do you have bit bits or a willy?

Are you doing a poo Mummy?

Can i wipe your bit bits mummy?

Then decided she had had enough of waiting for me to finish on the loo and flung the toilet door open with me still sitting on it! This had me frantically trying to pull her back (while sitting on the loo) shouting please noooo i am not finished close the door, all I could hear was mu mother killing herself laughing and not coming to my recue! I now feel this was Karma coming to bight me on the but for years of giving my mum hell?

C slept a lot that weekend and it broke my heart to see her so poorly. She has lost a lot of weight to and we have only just managed to get her weight back to where it should be! She had to have a week of nursery as anything that went in it came straight back out, and she as taken it upon her self to stop eating, this bit is really worrying me as she is now better and still refusing to eat!

Mothers day was wonderful I got spoilt as did my Mum; my hubby had a most enjoyable birthday and got thoroughly spoilt to. But at least while C was recuperating at home we had some glorious sunshine to roam about it!


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