Easter Eggs, and a really lovely week


Well this week has been a much improved week, My health has really picked up and C is back to her normal cheeky self. We had an awesome Easter with C getting to enjoy a day with her cousins Emma and Alex.

We had a delicious BBQ followed by a mini egg hunt for the girls. I took quite a lot of the eggs from C’s egg hunt over to her cousins to get rid of them as we had way too many, only to receive half of them back and another 4 from family members and they were way bigger!!! We now have a fridge that resembles a chocolate shop, good job every now and then Daddy enjoys a good gorge on choccy and can put away quite a bit (and he remains skinny so not fair!!)

C adored getting her new scooter but goes at a snails pace on it and has to stop and get off every 2 minutes to put it straight and inspect any bug that deems to walk by, it is delightful to see her engaging with nature but seriously 15 minutes to get to the bottom of our road is a little extreme and really quite frustrating

My daughter is a very caring sharing little girl she has the biggest heart and insisted that we make Easter bunny cards for all her friends and teachers at nursery. I spent a good 2 hours cutting out bunny silhouettes with her scribbling on them and scrunching up tissue paper for their tails. When we were getting ready for nursery the day after making them she announced that we had forgotten four people so I had to rush and make some more for her decorate. Bless her the look on her face when she was giving them out at nursery was one of pure joy she so enjoys giving.

We have recently had a parents meeting and been told that we have a very bright toddler on our hands, she is already trying to spell her name, can do at least half of hr alphabet and is very popular with both children and staff I cannot tell you how proud I was I left the nursery positively brimming. I was so proud that I bought C her much wanted Cinderella DVD as a reward. We have now watched said DVD a good 3 times a day since purchasing it, she worked out how to control the DVD player so we will not be getting a break.

We also attended my nephews 4th Birthday C was so excited as it was a fancy dress costume and she chose to be a bunny, we had a battle to get her in the costume when we arrived, but after 2 hours off an entertainer and running around with her cousins we had an even harder battle to get her out of it. We have had a really lovely couple of weeks and it is really refreshing long may it last!!!


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