Nuby insulated cup


My 2 tear old daughter is a big critic of the cups we give her, but the delight on her face when we gave her what she called her “Purple princess cup” she was really taken with the colour and pictures on the cup and the fact that it did not have a hard pull up spout on it but the lovely soft mouth piece made her feel very grown up!

The cup is very durable, my DD has a wonderful habit of throwing her cups when she has finished drinking and it has taken quite a battering and bounced of many surfaces. To date the cup has no blemishes or cracks it really is one tough cup.

The cup is easily cleaned with only 3 parts to take apart. It is a bit fiddly to put back together and you have to make sure that rubber seal is properly pushed back into the lid of the cup or it will leak which i found when my hand bag got a bit soggy. But other than double checking the seal is pushed in tight this is a fantastic cup and an instant hit in our house.

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