A very proud Mummy…..


I have had a cracking few weeks busy but very fun. My gorgeous C has been on top form she has come out with some cracking comments that have just had me in stitches my favourite happened tonight and it tickled my hubby so much he actually felt the need to put it on Twitter. While he was giving her the money does not grow on trees lecture she in true toddler form retorted “No but apples do!”

I had a parents evening and as a parent it is nerve wracking enough wondering what the hell the staff are going to tell you about the child that you are so proud of (but know in secret can be a complete pain in the arse) thankfully I had nothing but glowing reports of what an intelligent, energetic and loving little girl I had, I was told “she just lights up the room” I was the proudest Mummy ever!.

I was not just a parent attending a parents evening I was also a mummy in business touting her wears  under the guise as Flour & Sprinkles. I had my cupcakes on show for all the parents who attended to taste and take home, I made a giant cupcake to raffle off at the end of the night. I was told it must be a fix as the nursery manager won the cake and I have had nothing but fantastic report from all the parents and staff I feel very happy and relieved that my cakes went down well. I have also had orders come in for my cupcakes which was the whole point.

I now have C more in the week than I used to as we have dropped her a day a week at nursery and I am loving every minute of having her at home (well most of the time) I feel like we are getting on much better and I am learning with my incredibly strong willed and well spoken daughter to pick my battles and fight them well, I used to try and win every tiny battle and that was just exhausting, now we are a lot more harmonious than we used to be.

I am going to end my rambling on a plead for a little advice and your tips and tales, we are trying to wean C of her dummies and having a really hard time, please could you comment below and let me know how you all did it as we need all the help we can get it is like the bloody things are super glued to her mouth!

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  1. Can’t comment personally, as luckily I didn’t have a problem with number one son who just accepted me taking it off of him one night and never asked for it again, however I do know someone who cut the teats off of her little girls dummies, making them harder and more uncomfortable to use so eventually she gave up asking for them!

    • Ooh that is a good one thank you, she is really addicted to them, but oddly enough does not have them at nursery and never asks for them, I wonder if they might be able to me?? Thank you so much for the advice as a first time parent I am always questioning my own judgement.

  2. Invent a date a wk or 2 in to the future.build it up that the dummy fairies are coming to take the dummy so they can give it to another little baby as c is a big girl now…yada yada yada. when they come they’ll leave a present. then on that day secretly wrap up a present, put it in her room and then having hidden the dummy before hand make a big song and dance about fairies having been and look they’ve left u a present c. worked a treat with freya. no problem. other alternative just take it away.

    • I tried just taking it away and we had a 4 hour bed time battle and I buckled at 11:30 at night she really wore me down, the dummy fairies have been mentioned a lot this and the cutting of the dumyy is a strong contender. Thank you for taking the time to give a first time mum some much needed advice.

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