Little Charlie Bear dvd review


My two and half year old Daughter has been obsessed with Charlie Bear since the first time she saw him on Cbeebies and we now have a large teddy bear on the end of he bed called you guessed it Charlie Bear!

Since we put the DVD in the player it has not come out, we can happily leave her eating her breakfast with the DVD on quoting at the top of her lungs “Are you there Charlie Bear” Her favourite episode is the Bonus episode Big Top Bellarina we have now had to watch it a number of times. And we cannot forget Charlie’s good friends his toys Niblit the rabbit, Caramel the cow, Bellarina the ballerina , frozo the penguin, Midge the little teddy bear,  RIvit the robo,. All of these characters cover most of my daughter’s favourite teddies and she is desperate to do ballet so we have one little camper who can interact with her own toys like Charlie does

I find this a lovely and simple DVD, a clean simple bit of imaginative play from the cutest teddy bear I have ever seen; I have become quite fond of Charlie Bear! I find it very pleasant to watch and listen to, but then I am a massive fan of James Corden who narrates, you can genuinely tell that he enjoys doing the narration and his jolly friendly manner just adds to the playful feel of the DVD


If you fancy a little bit of bossy Wild West fun then the Wild West Caramel episode is the one for you or you could try basket ball midge which will help teach your kids that patience is a virtue. All the episodes have a little light moral message perfectly aimed at children of a young age.

Are You There Charlie Bear is being released on Monday 6th June at the price of £12.99 it is the first ever DVD from the Charlie Bear range, lets hope it is not the last.  We certainly will be purchasing the next. It comes with many added extras like fun printouts for you children to colour I have had much fun with my daughter colouring in some Charlie Bear pictures. A bonus episode “big top bellarina”

My daughter and I highly recommend this gorgeous DVD, it has really sparked her imagination and role playing and guess what her toys Bun Bun and Moo Moo are always involved along with her very own Charlie Bear.

Originally written for Brighton Mums/mamas reviews


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