The big bus headache!


Now this blog will sound like I am having a rant and yes I am, it is my blog and it is one place I can express my opinions, and I would like to stress that these really are my own opinions and I apologise in advance if you are in any way offended but I really need to get this off my chest.

I travel on the buses quite a lot in my town (well small city) and I find it incredibly infuriating that old people seem to think that they have a monopoly on using the bus during the day, I have today had 3 old dears have a go at me for my child falling over on the bus not acknowledging that the bus pulled away from the stop before I could even put my purse away let alone move away from his cab to find a seat. He pulled away so quickly C did not stand a chance she went sprawling across the bus!  like I said I was still putting purse away so did not have her hand and three very vicious old dears set upon me telling me that I should have more control over my child, it is not like she was running around and screaming she just simply fell over, I then proceeded to pick a sobbing C up while being thrown all over the bus that seemed to be driven very erratically and sat down on one (yes one) of the pull down seats C was on my lap.

Another lady advance in years got onthe bus with her shopping trolley and ran over my toes and when I reacted as I was wearing flip flops (and it hurt!!!!) she proceeded to launch into a really condescending lecture about mums on buses just being a complete pain and how mums in Brighton are so away with the fairies they have no idea what there kids are doing from one minute to the next. That  when they are on they just take up ridiculous amounts of space with their huge buggies, I would like to state that I did not have a buggy with me just had C’s scooter and that was in the luggage rack.

She went on to rant some more asking why we need to be on the bus anyway we have legs why don’t we show our kids how to use them! I was by this point getting very angry and very embarrassed, she did not care to ask me or my child had any reason why we could not walk? I do,  a very valid one I have arthritis in my spine and Knees and they get really sore if I do excessive walking, C also needed to be on nursery on time so that I could get home to my own work.

When getting off the bus which really did not take long, a man again getting on in his years was so impatient that the gap between the bus and the curb was to big and to high for my little 2 and half year olds legs,  just shoved past us knocking C off the step and into the gap between the curb and the bus which just gave me horror visions of the bus speeding away and crushing her legs. Thankfully this time the bus driver stepped in and told the old man to “hold up be patient you just knocked a kid over”

My bus journey home was sat at the back stewing and witnessing other mums experiencing the same treatment and my temperature just started rise as my temper started to boil. I was raised to respect my elders and give up seats to the elderly, hold doors open for them and to let them by first if the pavement is to narrow, my mum was has always been complimented on how well behaved and what beautiful children she had. I have many friends in my road that are elderly that are like my extended family. I have discovered that some elderly people are incredibly rude and think they are owed something by everyone and they demand to be respected but give absolutely no respect back.

I really am sorry if I have offended anyone but as a mum with a disability, no car and  a child who I need to get  to nursery and hospital appointments I have just as much right to travel on buses as they do!


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