Wooden toy shop Big Jigs kitchenware set


apparently cooking spaghetti

We recently received an opportunity from John at the Wooden Toy Shop to test and review the BigJigs kitchenware set; when I received it I knew that my daughter would instantly love it. When she found it the next morning her delight was evident.

The box contained a miniature frying pan, saucepan and lid, pan and lid with a metal mixing bowl, it also contained 7 different kitchen utensils including a pasta ladle and a skillet and the bit my daughter loved the most was the red checked oven glove.

She set about getting all her current kitchen toys out and using her pots and pans to make me a yummy and delicious meal but oh no that was not enough she wanted breakfast and this had to be eggy on toast, but on this occasion she wanted to make it in her new mini bowl with her mini whisk so she set about using this very robust little kitchen set.

She played with this fabulous little set for hours and since having it she has taken it everywhere and I know other kids have thoroughly enjoyed it, it really sparks their imagination and encourages them to enjoy making food.

This fabulous little set retails at £13.68 and is fantastic value for money as it is solid and tough set can stand up to the robust play of a 2y 9m old. If you ever need anything to spark your child’s imagination then The Wooden Toyshop is the place to go they have everything that a child could want with no batteries to replace, this is what play time should be all about!


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