A visit from Chicken Pox…..


Well this week we have been visited by the evil that is chicken pox. We have been hoping and praying that C would get them, as she has been around numerous cases of it over the last 6 months and not shown a hint of it, we had come to the conclusion that she was immune to them. Being in nursery we only assumed it would be a matter of time but nothing happened

In her short 2 years and 10 months of life she has had most of the red rash childhood diseases, Scarlet fever, slapped cheek, Strep throat, and now chicken pox. And I know this is controversial but I  new one of her friends had it so we had a play date with them to see if she would contract it, turns out she already had it as the mother of the child in question had shingles a few weeks before and C had already been exposed to the virus without e knowing.

So when her best friend Mack came up in spots we were invited to a pox party (such an American term) little did we know that he was already contagious the week before at the paddling pool when they were sharing drinking cups and food!!! I have since been told that chicken pox has been rife at nursery and at least 4 kids currently have it and the all play with C 2 days a week

C had been off for a week and not her normal bubbly self she was complaining of tummy aches and was super tired but we put it down to sleep apnoea and a bunged up tummy. And then on Thursday just gone i noticed a few spots on her which the hubby was convinced were heat rash until she needed the loo and noticed some of the most evil spots down below (they made my eyes water)

And before I new it spots were appearing before my eyes and they have just kept coming for the last 4 days, I cant brush her hair because she has spots on her scalp, she has a goatee of spots on her chin, barely a spare space on her back, she even has spots on her fingers.

This has led me to wonder why parents are actively encouraged to let their kids get chicken pox, as in my experience it really is a horrible illness to have. I sort it out and now seriously regret it as my poor little girl although happy within her self is itchy, with an upset tummy, cant leave the house (we don’t have a garden to ease the cabin fever) covered in vicious blisters. And in the words of my husband when covering C in Eurax cream and marvelling at the amount of blisters C has he said “I just don’t get chicken pox” he just cant get his head round how you can come out in all these blisters that are itchy and can scar but not seem ill in the slightest?

For those whose kids who have not yet had this bizarre illness here are a couple of top tips I have discovered from my experiences over the last four days:

ü  Keep your child as cool as possible ie a fan in there room, windows open, as much fresh air as possible it all helps reduce the itching.

ü  Eurax cream is a godsend as it really helps to reduce the itching

ü  Bath daily with 3 tablespoons of bi carbonate of soda in the water, this helps to dry up the spots in record time

ü  Antihistamine syrup (drowsy) this really helps them to get through the night with less itching

ü  Calpol this helps with the temperatures they can suffer with

ü  Lots of distraction crafts and fun as when there mind is off what they are going through and being stuck in the house.

I would love to know your opinions on the whole pox party theory and the encouragement of some medical professionals for your child to have this illness’s while they are younger?

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