The Adams Family big decision….


Well  today has been a really eventful day, C woke up with a terrible sore throat on  the day that she had an ear nose and throat appointment  at the hospital! fate I feel???? she woke up all croaky and gunky bless her, as soon as I gave her some calpol to ease the pain she grinned at me and  said “I feel much better now, thank you Mummy”

C had been off all weekend having attended 2 parties in 2 days and refused to eat at both and been extremely tired, but this has become par for the course for us as a family. C has suffered from as young as 3 months with throat infections and had many illness’s, one so severe it put her in hospital for 3 days with breathing difficulties. C has sleep apnoea and snores rather loudly one scares the hell out of me and  one really bugs the hell out me (it does not help that my hubby snores really loudly to) I have a surround sound of snoring him next to me and C on the monitor and both with sleep apnoea so I get some really sleepless nights with lots of worry.

Well today when we visited the ENT appointment at the Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton we were told that C has huge tonsils and if she suffers another throat infection and her tonsils swell up it could cause her some problems with breathing, and after our consultant had asked us everything he needed to know and got all the answers he needed like:

“C is exhausted all the time”

“We are struggling to get her dry in the night”

“she is lethargic at nursery but not struggling”

“sleeps through the night but is still exhausted in the morning”

All of these problems can be explained by her large tonsils and possibly adenoids, the specialist was fantastic he went off to discuss our case with his boss and came back and said it was advisable to put C on the list to have her tonsils and possibly adenoids taken out to avoid her suffering with tonsillitis in the future  and to give some much needed and adequate sleep to help her get through the day.

Here in lies the Adams Family big decision do we or don’t we go ahead with the operation??? the mere thought of C having an operation petrifies me, I myself have had a number of operations and know exactly what it is like to wake up and shake violently as I always do, and feel the fear and uncertainty coursing through me as I am being wheeled down to theatre and this time it will be me who is escorting my gorgeous little girl down to theatre and feeling the fear in triplicate for her.

The though of anything happening to my precious little girl is already destroying me and we have a 3 month waiting list to make a decision as to whether or not to go ahead with it?

All this happened on top of me having and huge injection in my big toe at 9:00 this morning and being in a great deal of pain, even after pain killers and a glass of wine (not until this evening I would like to add) and C’s throat is getting worse so think she will be in need of the docs tomorrow.

I would really love for some advice or hear from other parents who have had a toddler go through a tonsillectomy, please no horror stories as I am freaked out enough as it is, but any feed back would be greatly appreciated!


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  1. I think that I d have them taken out. I m not necessarily all about taking tonsils out, but there is quite a list of issues that give C suffering. (sleep, snores, infections etc). I think in this case it has a good potential of doing her a lot of good. Tough though. xx

  2. My young cousin who is 3yrs, went through a very similar experience and had the operation. She was really well afterwards and it wasn’t as bad as they thought. However, its understandable that you are feeling anxious about it, we don’t like to see our little ones in the hospital. Maybe get the doc to explain more about the procedure to ease some of your anxiety about the op? Good luck with whatever you choose:)

    • Thank you Angeline for your positive feedback after all the colds sore throats and chest infections we have made the decision that in the long term that it is best to go ahead with the operation for her long term health. I just hate the thought of her going under anaesthetic and not being able to hold her hand the whole way through.

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