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Hasbro Playdoh review


My daughter and I got given a fabulous chance to test and review a product for Hasbro toys and while we were away in Devon a fantastic parcel arrived, we received a playdoh pizza making set.

Now I am not the biggest fan of playdoh as my daughter who turns three in October has this wonderful habit of pinching of tiny bits and dropping them on the floor, now I have a royal blue carpet (NOT my choice) and anything that gets trodden in really shows up and as all parents know it is not the easiest thing to get out your carpet once it is in there, BUT this fantastic little set has really taught her not to do that thank god.

The set comes with 3 small pots of playdoh red white and green and a larger tub of playdoh that is beige, it also has a mini pizza slice and a mini pizza cutter a play pizza oven that has an in built tray on top with lots of different shapes for you to press the dough into to make pizza toppings. The pizza oven has two little trays that you press your beige dough into to make your pizza base, you then pop it into the oven and pull the big handle down to put pressure on the dough and hey presto you have a flattened base. You then put your white playdoh in the tower with the handle and then turn it to make it into chunks of cheese, you then top your pizza with your moulded dough shapes onto the pizza to finish it off and serve to all your play friends.

My daughter absolutely adores this set she has not stopped playing with it in the 2 weeks since she has had it and i have had many a pizza made for me and so have all her teddy friends. This set has really taught her how to play with playdoh properly. Playdoh is a fantastic tool for children to use as it really helps to fine tune their motor skills and improve the dexterity of their hands. Playdoh helps to boost your Child’s imagination as they create whatever they have in their fabulous minds.

I cannot recommend this product enough as t has bought many hours of fun for my daughter and I in the last couple of weeks. This set retails at £14.99 and is worth absolutely every penny.

Picture Box service and movie review


Well I am very excited as we have been selected to become a Picture Box film reviewer, every month for the next twelve months we will be having a family movie night and writing a blog review about the movie we have watched.

This has not come at a better time as my nearly three year old daughter has had a severe chest infection and not been out the house much, and on our first movie night she chose Coraline to watch and we have probably watched it 2 times a day every day since then!

This is not normally a movie I would choose for my daughter as it is a little scary BUT she has quite a high tolerance for scary things and Coraline just captured her imagination completely and kept her gripped for the entire movie.

Coraline is an animated film by the director of the Nightmare before Christmas, it is a stop motion animation and is a stunning visual feast for the eyes, and it had us glued from the moment it started.

The main Character is Coraline Jones, she has just moved into a new house with her parents who seem to ignore her as they are to busy writing for their gardening books, so she is left to sort herself out, she meets the grandson of the women who owns the pink house she lives who is called Wybie. They form an unlikely friendship that takes them on an epic journey. The whole story revolves around a doll that she is given that looks just like her. This doll becomes the eyes for an alternative world were buttons are used for eyes and everything seems perfect, but when Coraline goes through a door to this alternate world that is identical to her own but has an underlying sinister feeling to it. You will be completely enthralled with her adventures and bravery; you will be introduced to some of the kookiest neighbours to ever exist! And two of the creepiest alternative parents that try to seduce Coraline to take buttons for eyes.

Watching this film has been a real treat and could not have been easier for us being part of the picture box on line service, we have been watching it through our BT vision box but it can also be watched through the PictureBox Player – the brand new movie subscription service which is available on your PC or Mac, or other devices such as an iPad or the latest Samsung Smart TVs.

The ease of use with this service is what makes it the perfect service to have, all you have to do is select the movie you wish to watch and hit play and hey presto your family movie night has begun, with no fuss at all. The hardest part will be choosing the movie you all want to watch from the vast selection on offer.

This service is fantastic value for money it is £4.99 a month for 28 movies, and out of that number of movies you can guarantee there will be something for everyone! I cannot recommend this service enough take a look at the website you will not be disappointed

Each month/week the content changes and new movies get added, the service follows themes and for August it was the theme of unwinding for the summer with the kids! And with films like Coraline, The Tale of Despereaux, Nanny Mcphee and Mee Shee the water giant you will have to have a movie night once or twice a week, the kids will certainly be kept entertained if the British weather carries on as it normally does.

If you would like to see what on offer here is a handy link  you can follow Picture box on facebook and Twitter: