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A fear of eyes???


I need some serious advice; I have my gorgeous daughter C who turned 3 last week who has a fear of eyes???? Random I know but if she can’t see you eyes she pleads for you to either open them or turn round to face her so that she can see them.

We have various toys that she will not go near as she does not like the eyes, and if she sees someone in the street and they look mildly angry she will hide her face and say “Mummy they have angry eyes”

I am actually starting to get a little concerned as she goes on about this quite a lot now and has done for the last year, her favourite book is the Gruffalo but when we get to the part describing him and his eyes she makes me turn the page this is made ten times worse if she is tired and wont let me go any further in the book!

I find it really quite odd as she is a very clever little girl who is quite advanced for her age and has the speech ability of a much older child and verbalises herself very clearly and concisely so can tell me exactly how she is feeling.

Any budding psychologists out that that may have any idea where or why she has this fear, or any other parents who have experienced anything like this before I would love to know as it really has me baffled.

I really really look forward to hearing from

C is 3


Well we have hit another toddler milestone my little girl has turned three and we have just celebrated in style, what started as humble plans turned into (in true me style) an epic party.

My gorgeous little C some 9 months ago started to demand a princess pirate party, when I asked her do you want to be a princess or a pirate she responded “God mummy no I want to be a Princess Pirate!!!” and so the party was born.

I have never made my daughter anything but cakes so I got the daft notion that I should make her costume by converting her flower girl dress from earlier this year, now I never sew and had no idea where to start so I drew round the bolero that goes to the dress to make a very dodgy pattern and bought lots of pirate style material and set about making my master piece and I have to say I was pretty pleased with the outcome apart from my very sore needle pricked fingers!!

I made all of the bunting and had her party invites illustrated by a very dear friend and after that C’s cake came to life! I copied the characters from the invite, my hubby told me the two tier cake was excessive and would not be eaten! Boy he could not have been more wrong we only had half the top layer left by the end of the day.

I get quite carried away when it comes to doing things for my daughter and I am not ashamed to say that she got thoroughly spoilt, she had a face painter and we borrowed my sisters small bouncy castle did a piñata instead of party bags and had party games and lots of prizes. It is fair to say that the party was organised mayhem

It was exhausting but so much fun; with 25 children we had lots of fun and thankfully so did the parent (I did make sure that there was plenty of wine and beer) the party was pretty sugar fuelled and when the kids got home they crashed out so I had lots of thank you’s from parents for a long and peaceful evening so a great day had by all especially by the birthday girl

Picture Box Film Review “The Boat That Rocked”


Well this month on picture box we have had a veritable feast of music themed films to choose from, but the one that really caught my eye was The Boat That Rocked. I wanted to see this film in the cinema but having a toddler had made it impossible to do this.

Written and produced by Richard Curtis and released in 2009, the film is based upon the era of the illegal pirate radio stations of the 60’s. Brimming with a crew of the craziest sexiest darkest and coolest of radio DJ’s all under one (boat) roof, it’s one of the most fun packed films I have seen for quite some time.

I loved this film not only for the cool characters but because of the awesome music that is included in the film – all the best of the 60’s. This film is not rip-roaring funny but had me chuckling quite a number of times. The characters are fabulous and they are the most unlikely of boat buddies, the time of illegal radio has never seemed cooler. The film takes you on a journey full of laughter love and music.

One of my favourite actors Phillip Seymour Hoffman plays the ultimate radio DJ – cool, sophisticated and well liked, it’s a great performance and for me made the film that much better. Bill Nighy also puts in a great appearance as the station head honcho keeping them all organised and avoiding the attention of the British government, keen to close them down led by a stern Kenneth Branagh.

You can get this film and may others on the picture box player which is a fantastic brand new subscription service. If you have a Samsung internet connected smart tv, an Ipad or a PC then you are already halfway there. You can sign up for this service for only £4.99 a month for 28 movies this is fantastic value for money!

Once you have signed up all you have to do is choose your movie and hit ‘play’! this service has perfect ease of use, it is compatible with your laptop or Pc, Xbox and your  BT Vision box

Picturebox has some fantastic content and this month is all about the music and there is a film  for everyone no matter what your taste in music.

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