A fear of eyes???


I need some serious advice; I have my gorgeous daughter C who turned 3 last week who has a fear of eyes???? Random I know but if she can’t see you eyes she pleads for you to either open them or turn round to face her so that she can see them.

We have various toys that she will not go near as she does not like the eyes, and if she sees someone in the street and they look mildly angry she will hide her face and say “Mummy they have angry eyes”

I am actually starting to get a little concerned as she goes on about this quite a lot now and has done for the last year, her favourite book is the Gruffalo but when we get to the part describing him and his eyes she makes me turn the page this is made ten times worse if she is tired and wont let me go any further in the book!

I find it really quite odd as she is a very clever little girl who is quite advanced for her age and has the speech ability of a much older child and verbalises herself very clearly and concisely so can tell me exactly how she is feeling.

Any budding psychologists out that that may have any idea where or why she has this fear, or any other parents who have experienced anything like this before I would love to know as it really has me baffled.

I really really look forward to hearing from


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