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Picture Box Movie Review – Fred Clause


Well it is the Christmas season and we have been spoilt for choice on Picture Box player the brand new subscription service which is available on Samsung Internet-connected smart TVs, iPads and PCs. Picture box adapt their movie themes each month and this is particularly relevant over Christmas as PictureBox have some fantastic family titles to keep the kids entertained!

PictureBox have hand-picked some feel-good delights for the whole family and they could not be easier to obtain just select your movie and hit ‘play’! They are fantastic Value for money  – only £4.99/month for 28 movies

Having a three year old in our home means that Christmas has become very exciting and she is now finding things hysterically funny and this proved itself very true when we sat down one wet afternoon for some snugly  family time and watched the movie Fred Clause.

This is a Christmas film that focuses not on Santa (Paul Giamatti) but on his older bitter brother Fred (Vince Vaughn) who resents his very generous and caring saintly brother. He does not live in the North Pole with Santa but in New York City where no one knows who his rather famous brother is and where his long suffering girlfriend Wanda (Rachel Weisz) suffers him being particularly flaky. Fred is not the most loveable character he is unreliable and a fly by the seat of your pants kind of guy who only speaks with his brother when he wants something.

It is when Fred goes to the North Pole after being dumped by his girlfriend to earn some money to open his betting shop that it gets amusing.  From here on in the movie had my daughter roaring with laughter especially the scene with the elves dancing to Elvis Presley’s “Rubberneckin’ (Paul Oakenfold Remix)”

Kevin Spacey play the part of Clyde a bitter man who hates Santa after he feels he failed him on the Christmas present front one year. Clyde is auditing Santa, the worst time for Fred to be in charge of the Naughty and nice list. The film is complete with the appearance of Kathy Bates as Fred and Nicks mother who is incredibly overbearing.

This movie really got us in the mood for Christmas it was fun light and for my three year old it did not take to much concentration we really enjoyed the humour around the constant repeat of the song  “here comes Santa Clause” (my most loathed Christmas song!) this movie is light hearted with one of the best snow ball fights i have seen in a movie! It has something for everyone humour romance, a sinister character and a misunderstood one, no one will be disappointed.

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