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A special Mummy Daughter Moment…


The dress and the Ghosty thing!

Today I had one of those really special mother daughter moments with C, she climbed into bed for a snuggle  this morning and started to ask questions and one of these questions led onto our magical moment!

She kept asking  “what’s that ghosty thing on your head mumma” at first I was baffled and had no clue what she was going on about (she has been watching a lot of Scooby Doo lately and I assumed she was being silly) eventually she pointed to a couple of wedding photos I have on the wall and I realised that she was talking about my veil. I explained that it was a veil and it is what mummy wore on her wedding day and she asked “did you wear a princess dress Mumma” to which I replied yes and I got to wear a tiara just like a princess, the look of awe on her face was picture.

C asked if she could see my tiara so I took her to her bedroom where it was stashed away in a draw, she got it out of the box and marvelled at it, I explained that her aunty Rara (my sister) also wore it on her wedding day, she kept telling me” it is beautiful Mumma I love it”. C then asked if she could see my veil and princess dress, thankfully I have them boxed up in my wardrobe so we went back to my room and I got my wedding dress out, well she could not believe her eyes when the dress came out of the box she kept saying I must have looked like Belle from beauty and the beast which just made my heart melt.

The next thing she said was what made the moment so magical, she proclaimed that “when she is a big girl and gets married she wants to wear my princess dress” this is the very reason I kept my dress in the vein I hope I would have a daughter one day and she would want to wear my dress, I could have cried she was stroking my dress and then decided she had to wear my dress veil and wedding shoes all she could do was stand in my dress while I held it up but it was exactly what she wanted her little face was so cute.

At the end of our little dress up session I asked C who you think you will marry when you are older. Thinking that she might say a prince or her crush Jakey at nursery but her response really made me chuckle without missing a beat she very confidently replied “I am going marry my best friend Immy” so watch this space you never know!