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Guest Post from Carrie of Baby Swap or Shop


I asked Carrie from Baby Swap or Shop about how she manages her family finances after Christmas. Her website is a site where parents can sell or swap their preloved baby items without adding on additional costs that Ebay/Table shops sales/Carboot sales have.

How are you saving money in the post Christmas belt tightening that we all do?

We have had a clear-out to make room for new things and will be loading them up to the website so that other parents can buy or swap them. We are also having a few small personal cut-backs, a few less magazines/chocolate bars soon add up.

How do you budget for January and February?


We don’t particularly make any special plans for January or February. We don’t do a lot in January – like everyone else! We probably have a few weeks of healthy eating and no take-aways or alcohol until we are fed up of our New Year Resolutions so we save that way : )

If you have any items that are unloved and preloved why not list them on Baby Swap or Shop? There are plenty of parents looking for various items and we are sure you could find something else to love in return.