Piri Blogger Event


I recently attended my first ever blogger event for Piri Kids I was delighted to be asked to attend and rather excited as I could take C, she has never been to London before so it was a great day out for all. While I was in the Piri talk and chat they had provided some fabulous entertainment for the kids such as face painting, a picnic and a wonderful session making sock puppets which C adored

I mainly wanted to attend the Piri kids event as I feel quite passionate about Piri,  it almost feels like part of the family as it has been used regulalry on C and got us through some our toughest periods such as her eczema and chicken pox.

Piri kids had the fantastic Dr Sarah Brewer in attendance who gave us a wonderful talk on using Piri kids when your child contracts chicken pox, we were given the true facts (not the urban myths) of how chicken pox are contracted and the incubation periods. It was a really interesting event and I was given even more reason to use Piri in the future.

Piri is an liquid antihistamine that can be administered when your child is suffering with conditions that can be very itchy such as Allergies, eczema, chicken pox and hayfever.

If your child does contract chicken pox the Piri website has some fantastic handy hints and tips to help you make your child more comfortable less likely to scratch their chicken pox which can cause scarring! you can find the hints and tips by following this link http://piriallergy.com/piri-kids/helpful-hints-and-tips-for-parents.aspx. Piri has been helping children get through chicken pox for over 50 years so you know your child is in safehand of the piri family.

Piri are  on facebook http://www.facebook.com/PiriAllergy?sk=app_219403951490888 you can also follow them on twitter @piriallergy

With C having already had chicken pox you can read my previous post on how we handled it and how C got on I have to say she was a superstar! https://beingmumtocami.wordpress.com/2011/08/07/a-visit-from-chicken-pox/


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