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Our New Arrival


I am releasing this blog post on my sons expected due date 16th September as a little tribute to him already being a month old!!!

Well our little boy made a very sudden appearance on the 16th August 2012. After a very troubled pregnancy and finding out at 33 weeks i was going to have a tiny baby it was agreed i would be induced at 36 weeks on Tuesday 22nd August but our little man had very different ideas!!!

On the Wednesday the week before the much anticipated induction i started to feel quite poorly getting stomach aches and period pains and migrains one after the other i went to bed feeling quite out of sorts. I woke up on the Thursday feeling like i had an elephant sitting on my head and cotton wool for brains.

My awesome mother in law came to visit me and i described what was happening and she confirmed that it soundedlike the early signs of labour. I burst into tears on her as i just felt awful and i kept loosing my vision with the migrains, (now my mother in law is never quite sure what to do with any of her daughter in laws when they do this as she has only raised four burly boisterous boys!) she handled it well with a much needed hug.

After she Left a few of my friends arrived two with their 2 week old son which blew my mind as i was holding an 8lb 2oz baby who was over double the weight we new my son was going to be! I confided in my friend that I was haveing some unusual stirrings that were getting quite uncomfortable to which she confirmed that this is how her labour begun. But still at 4:30 I jumped (well hobbled on crutches) into the car To colkect C from nursery with my friends words of “if you need anything at all” ringing in my ears.

Well by 6:30 on 16th August I had started to think that maybe this was a little more serious than I first thought and contacted the labour triage unit at Brighton Hospital, I was also quite worried by the lack of movement I had felt from my little fella they advised me to come in when I was ready to be monitored on a CTG. I had to chase the hubby a number of times as he was working late finally he walked through the door at 7:30 not fully grasping my worry and urgency, he did however pack me a fabulous cheese and pickle roll for my trip. I said goodbye to C saying see you in an hour not knowing that it be a full 8 days before I returned home with a tiny baby in my arms.

Once at the hosital I waited 40 minutes to be seen I had just made the decision to go home when they were ready for me and this is where the fun began! I was put on the CTG monitor to have a trace done, within 20 mins my tightenings got more regular and then suddenly the baby took a massive dip and so did his heart beat. The small empty quiet room I was in suddenly filled with doctors and midwives I was made to lay on my side and told not to move as my position could possibly be the problem. They monitored me for another 20 mins in which time the babies heartbeat kept dropping.

I was made to change into a hospital gown, have an internal exam from a very delightful (dishy) obstetritian, call my husband to arrange childcare for C and get to the hospital asap as we were having the baby in th next 45 minutes not once realising myself (more like i was in denial) that I was about to have an emergency c-section. I was marched down a corridor with my butt hanging out my hospital gown and walked into a room and felt rather shocked to discover it was an operating theatre!

I was promptly popped onto the operating table pulled and pushed in every direction to get my spinal block in which was not was not easy due to having arthritis in my spine and all my joints below my spine. I have to say at this point I am so glad my husband was not with me as everything was happening at such a fast and frantic pace it would have been quite scary to witness. My husband arrived just as our baby boy was pulled out, he was outside the operating theatre when he heard his son cry and thankfully was there to hold my hand while being sewn up and to hold our son as I was having a very itchy reaction to all the drugs I was pumped full of. It was atvthis point that we were told that if i had not arrived for treatment at the hospital when i did it could have been fatal for my son and I, his placenta was tiny and in tatters, I had 3 day old muconium in my stomach and his cord gases where depleating, my word to Mums to be always trust your instincts and what your body is telling you always better to be safe than sorry!!!

We were allowed to hold our son for 20 minutes before daddy had to take him upto the Trevor Mann neo natal unit for special care and this is when I started writing this blog post trying to take my mind off the fact that I was not holding my new baby.

We were told our son would be in special care due to his tiny 3lb 8oz size for a month but were delighted when after just 6 days they let our now named Freddie George join me on the maternity ward for 2 days before both being let home to join our family, Freddie is now part of a Neonatal outreach programme with the Trevor Mann unit he is their first patient to participate where premature babies get to be monitored at home and we could not be happier.

I have made this blog post as light hearted as possible as my pregnancy was to put it politely horrific and it made me seriously ill since May loosing my mobility and use of my legs, having an 8 day stay in hospital with extremely swollen legs and joints due to a severe arthritis flare up and suffered a number if irritating skin conditions, BUT that is now all behind me and to be forgotten as i have my perfect family and and very healthy little boy!