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Babymoov Change Bag Review


Before I gave birth to my son I was desperately researching change bags, I wanted one that was big enough to take all the items you need for a new born baby but would also be able to take the items I needed for my 3.5 year old daughter ie juice cup spare change of clothes and snack pots.

I had spent ours trauling the internet and all the most popular brands of bags were way out of my price range and had been used recently by friends who had babies and they said considering how much they had paid they were just not big enough. However there was one brand of bag that kept catching my eye it was reasonably priced chic functional and appeared to be big enough to contain all that comes with a new born and a toddler and this was the Babymoov change bag.

I put a tweet out on Twitter to see if anyone had used this brand before and Babymoov themselves kindly came back to me and I cheekily asked if I could review the bag and luckily for me they said yes and promptly sent me the bag and I have not been disappointed.


I have the grey and red with white polka dots Babymoov Chic bag above it comes with a plethora of accessories  I love that the fold out change mat is on the front of the bag attached by two little metal clips, this makes it really quick and easy to use no more rummaging in a bag one handed with a baby screaming in you arms, it folds up really neatly and has pockets on the inside large enough to hold a number of nappies and a small pack of wipes so you can always be prepared.

The Babymoov bag also has a bottle bag that is insulated on the inside and is clipped to the outside of the bag for ease of use. I can fit a carton of prem baby milk and a small feeding bottle in this bag so it has ample  space for a large bottle and certainly keeps everything warm or cool depending on what you have put in there. There is also a little dummy bag that again attaches to the outside of the bag and can hold two dummies at one tine

The best thing about this change bag is its size the bag itself on the outside does not look to big but when you open it up it is like a tardis inside it has pockets so that mum/dad can put their personal belongings in it an also has a see through plastic wallet that is perfect for holding nappy creams and hand sanitisers ensuring no nasty spills in your bag. I used the bag as my sobs hospital bag when he came very prematurely and it was perfect I could fit a small pack of nappies in it and clothes thankfully they were small.


The bag is made from a tough wipe clean waterproof material with a very elegant spotty print design on the front the bag retails at £44 and can be purchased on a very popular website.

This change bag is fantastic it has little clips on the side of the bag so that it can be attached to your buggy handle or if you prefer it fits beautifully in the bottom basket of the buggy.


Babymoov is a French company that has been going for 14 years and they have many wonderful products on their website. Babymoov are just cracking the British market and I feel honoured to be one of their first British Mummy Bloggers to review their products, please go take a look at their website you will not be disappointed!

    • Detachable changing bag mat pocket with changing surface (55 x 45 cm)
    • Removable insulated bag with universal fastening system
    • 1 transparent pocket (nappies / clothes)
    • Soother pocket with universal fastener
    • Polar fleece
    • Adjustable universal stroller harnesses
    • Multiple storage compartments and pockets
    • Possibly of using the soulder strap on the changing mat pocket and isothermal pocket
    • Reinforced base and metallic and magnetic clasps
    • Carrying comfort: adjustable quitted shoulder strap, carrying handles

4 trendy colors: Baby Star, Baby chicBaby Natural, and Babyfly.

Dimensions: 27 x 20 x 36 cm