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Babymoov Change Bag Review


Before I gave birth to my son I was desperately researching change bags, I wanted one that was big enough to take all the items you need for a new born baby but would also be able to take the items I needed for my 3.5 year old daughter ie juice cup spare change of clothes and snack pots.

I had spent ours trauling the internet and all the most popular brands of bags were way out of my price range and had been used recently by friends who had babies and they said considering how much they had paid they were just not big enough. However there was one brand of bag that kept catching my eye it was reasonably priced chic functional and appeared to be big enough to contain all that comes with a new born and a toddler and this was the Babymoov change bag.

I put a tweet out on Twitter to see if anyone had used this brand before and Babymoov themselves kindly came back to me and I cheekily asked if I could review the bag and luckily for me they said yes and promptly sent me the bag and I have not been disappointed.


I have the grey and red with white polka dots Babymoov Chic bag above it comes with a plethora of accessories  I love that the fold out change mat is on the front of the bag attached by two little metal clips, this makes it really quick and easy to use no more rummaging in a bag one handed with a baby screaming in you arms, it folds up really neatly and has pockets on the inside large enough to hold a number of nappies and a small pack of wipes so you can always be prepared.

The Babymoov bag also has a bottle bag that is insulated on the inside and is clipped to the outside of the bag for ease of use. I can fit a carton of prem baby milk and a small feeding bottle in this bag so it has ample  space for a large bottle and certainly keeps everything warm or cool depending on what you have put in there. There is also a little dummy bag that again attaches to the outside of the bag and can hold two dummies at one tine

The best thing about this change bag is its size the bag itself on the outside does not look to big but when you open it up it is like a tardis inside it has pockets so that mum/dad can put their personal belongings in it an also has a see through plastic wallet that is perfect for holding nappy creams and hand sanitisers ensuring no nasty spills in your bag. I used the bag as my sobs hospital bag when he came very prematurely and it was perfect I could fit a small pack of nappies in it and clothes thankfully they were small.


The bag is made from a tough wipe clean waterproof material with a very elegant spotty print design on the front the bag retails at £44 and can be purchased on a very popular website.

This change bag is fantastic it has little clips on the side of the bag so that it can be attached to your buggy handle or if you prefer it fits beautifully in the bottom basket of the buggy.


Babymoov is a French company that has been going for 14 years and they have many wonderful products on their website. Babymoov are just cracking the British market and I feel honoured to be one of their first British Mummy Bloggers to review their products, please go take a look at their website you will not be disappointed!

    • Detachable changing bag mat pocket with changing surface (55 x 45 cm)
    • Removable insulated bag with universal fastening system
    • 1 transparent pocket (nappies / clothes)
    • Soother pocket with universal fastener
    • Polar fleece
    • Adjustable universal stroller harnesses
    • Multiple storage compartments and pockets
    • Possibly of using the soulder strap on the changing mat pocket and isothermal pocket
    • Reinforced base and metallic and magnetic clasps
    • Carrying comfort: adjustable quitted shoulder strap, carrying handles

4 trendy colors: Baby Star, Baby chicBaby Natural, and Babyfly.

Dimensions: 27 x 20 x 36 cm

The Lorax


We were very lucky a few weeks ago to be invited to an early screening of the Lorax by Universal Pictures, to say we were excited was an understatement!

We had a very early start from Brighton with a very over excited 3 year old C who I think could of ran to the train station in seconds flat without ordering a taxi. We took this picture of our excited daughter with her Lorax ticket on the train journey up to London. 

When we arrived in Leicester Square and entered the Odeon Cinema Our excitement just got higher along with the noise levels. We have never seen so many excited children in one contained area. We guided straight to where the Lorax himself was greeting children and families. My daughter was at first very nervous as you can see from the photo but after having a good stroke of the fluffy truffula  tree she decided that blowing the Lorax a gentle kiss was the answer and she was not disappointed  as the adorable fluffy orange creature blew one gently back to her. There was so much going on and we had arrived pretty late so sadly missed the photo booth and face painting which my daughter was later distraught about BUT she did however have her first ever taste of candy floss we were not allowed to take the stick away from her until every last scrap had gone! 

The attention to detail that was put into the build up of the experience prior to the film was astonishing we were greeted with refreshing melon truffula trees and edible grass, lollipops in every colour and as round as your head and the balloon sculptures were as big as the kids and the face painting that we witnessed was stunning and sparkly.

We made our way into the cinema we were greeted to a bag of orange Lorax popcorn on every seat which my daughter could not wait to tuck into, she donned her 3D glasses straight away and was not disappointed as we were treated to a very amusing little skit by the minions from despicable 2 which had us all leaping back in our seats this just got everyone in the perfect mood for the actual film. 

The film is based on the 1971 book The Lorax written by Dr Seuss the film is all about a land that is beautiful and rich with a bounty of animals and greenery and the stunning truffula trees. The trees are all looked after by the Lorax voiced by Danny DeVito who is their voice, but a young man called the Onceler comes along to prove to his family that he can be something and starts to chop the trees down to make his thneads. As time goes on all the trees disappear and the land becomes barren and thneadville is born a world so artificial you have to by air in a bottle and is run by a tiny villain of a man. There are those that remember trees and still some young people who dream of the day they come back.

A 12-year-old boy Ted (zac Efron)searches for the one thing that will enable him to win the affection of the girl of his dreams Audrey (Taylor Swift) . To find it he must discover the story of the Lorax, the grumpy yet charming creature who fights to protect his world. The 3D animation was astonishing and so clear and clean, the film was fun and lively with a very true message. My daughter is only 3.5 and she was gripped from start to finish and found it entertaining and amusing and adored all the very lively musical numbers. This film is done in such a way that even the youngest of children can understand the message that looking after your planet is a good thing. The Lorax has really stuck with my daughter and still 4 weeks on she is talking about it, and she adores looking at the pictures we took and has really taken the Lorax himself to her heart and has asked when she can get a Lorax toy.

I cannot recommend this film enough it will keep children and adults entertained it is so worth watching and has such a beautiful message the final words of Dr Seuss at the end of the film sum it up perfectly “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. Its not.” -Dr.Seuss

A visit to Warner Bros


We had the pleasure of going to London to visit Warner Bros offices for a parent bloggers event. They had Companies such as Blinkbox and Knowhow Movies who offer a no subscription or late fee service, you can rent films online which can be watched the same day you download them! You can watch them on you PC laptop, games console they can be watched in full HD to give you that cinema experience . We got a preview of the Lego Batman 2 DC Heroes computer game for the Xbox 360 Playstation Wii Nintendo DS Nintendo 3DS Playstation Vita and PC.

The event was very child friendly they had Batman lego to play with that my daughter adored and is now demanding I get for her and ipads set up with the latest educational games for children of school age, but my daughter was most excited about meeting Mumble the giant stuffed penguine from Happy Feet she was so in awe of him that she could not get to close!

We were given a very generous goody bag to go home with some of the latest Blu-ray triple packs  which contain a copy of the film on Blu-ray, DVD and an UltraViolet digital copy so that no matter where you are you and your family can enjoy your favourite film in whatever format you please.

On the train home we asked Cami for her feed back on the day with a little bit of cheekiness and intervention from her friend!

Kit Heath Kids Jewellery Review


I feel very honoured to have been given the opportunity to review one of the stunning Kit Heath Kids jewellery range. In our home we hold Kit Heath Kids jewellery very close to our hearts as at 6 months old we had a naming day for our daughter and our gift to her was a Kit Heath charm bracelet. Each year to celebrate her birth we add another charm and so do our family so our introduction to Kit Heath Kids Jewellery was a very emotive one.

When our gorgeous package came through the post my three year old instantly snatched it from me saying mine Mummy I want to open it, and what a beautiful delightful treat she found inside. We had been given the Blossom Silver Necklace, it has beautiful pink enamel blooms set in a sterling silver heart. This necklace would make the perfect bridesmaid or flower girl gift. Also available in this design is a locket and stud earrings. This necklace comes in a luxurious and stylish red box and the red and white spotty luxurious gift bag. The necklace weighs 4.5g, the height of the heart is 16mm, the width is 13mm and it is 2mm in depth. The necklace comes on a 14inch chain that has 2 extra silver rings in the chain to adjust the length of the necklace. This beautiful blossom necklace retails at £40 and is worth every single penny.

Every thing about the Kit Heath kids range oozes class and fun! Kit Heath really captures all that is beautiful and girly and also makes jewellery that is suitable for boys and women, so no one will ever need to miss out on owning what will become a centre piece of your jewellery collection.

Kit Heath is a British jewellery designer and creates some of the most stunning sterling silver kids jewellery that have a splash of colour bringing in elements of fun and fantasy. Kit Heath is one of the UK’s leading sterling silver jewellery brands and can be found across their network of stockists including House of Fraser, John Lewis, Debenhams and online at If you are about to become a god parent or are getting married and struggling for memorable bridesmaids gifts that will bring much pleasure for years to come then you should look no further than the Kit Heath Kids jewellery collection, you will be spoilt for choice!

You can find the latest Kit Heath Jewellery collection on the internet and on facebook

You will never regret purchasing a piece of Kit Heath Jewellery, I know I never have!ry girl!

Picture Box Movie Review – Fred Clause


Well it is the Christmas season and we have been spoilt for choice on Picture Box player the brand new subscription service which is available on Samsung Internet-connected smart TVs, iPads and PCs. Picture box adapt their movie themes each month and this is particularly relevant over Christmas as PictureBox have some fantastic family titles to keep the kids entertained!

PictureBox have hand-picked some feel-good delights for the whole family and they could not be easier to obtain just select your movie and hit ‘play’! They are fantastic Value for money  – only £4.99/month for 28 movies

Having a three year old in our home means that Christmas has become very exciting and she is now finding things hysterically funny and this proved itself very true when we sat down one wet afternoon for some snugly  family time and watched the movie Fred Clause.

This is a Christmas film that focuses not on Santa (Paul Giamatti) but on his older bitter brother Fred (Vince Vaughn) who resents his very generous and caring saintly brother. He does not live in the North Pole with Santa but in New York City where no one knows who his rather famous brother is and where his long suffering girlfriend Wanda (Rachel Weisz) suffers him being particularly flaky. Fred is not the most loveable character he is unreliable and a fly by the seat of your pants kind of guy who only speaks with his brother when he wants something.

It is when Fred goes to the North Pole after being dumped by his girlfriend to earn some money to open his betting shop that it gets amusing.  From here on in the movie had my daughter roaring with laughter especially the scene with the elves dancing to Elvis Presley’s “Rubberneckin’ (Paul Oakenfold Remix)”

Kevin Spacey play the part of Clyde a bitter man who hates Santa after he feels he failed him on the Christmas present front one year. Clyde is auditing Santa, the worst time for Fred to be in charge of the Naughty and nice list. The film is complete with the appearance of Kathy Bates as Fred and Nicks mother who is incredibly overbearing.

This movie really got us in the mood for Christmas it was fun light and for my three year old it did not take to much concentration we really enjoyed the humour around the constant repeat of the song  “here comes Santa Clause” (my most loathed Christmas song!) this movie is light hearted with one of the best snow ball fights i have seen in a movie! It has something for everyone humour romance, a sinister character and a misunderstood one, no one will be disappointed.

If you would like to find out some more about Picture Box here are some useful links:


·         PictureBox website:

·         Current movies available:

·         PictureBox Facebook page:

·         PictureBox on Twitter:

Picture Box film review – Funny People


We are big on Halloween in are house but not big on horror movies to put it politely we are a bunch of wusses!

Picture Box did however have a fantastic range of suitably spooky films to give you one heck of a fright night in on the spookiest night of the year! Being completely petrified of horror films led us to watch a really black comedy Funny People.

Funny people is about a well established comedian (Adam Sandler) facing his mortality after being diagnosed with a very rare cancer, it gets him to thinking about his career where he came from to what he has become and his lack of friends. While Seth Rogans character is a wannabe comedian who just can’t get his break while all his friends are getting theirs, that is until an open night mic night where he is told this long standing and famous comedian is making an impromptu appearance and he will be going on stage ahead of him.

After a chance meeting in a parking lot sandlers character employs Rogans to write jokes for him to boost his career, this in turn helps the wannabe comedian get his foot on the ladder as his opening act. The story develops as does the friendship between the comedians they bond and become close as Rogans character tries to build bridges between the people that the famous comedian has hurt and cut from his life.

When he takes specialist trial treatment he is cured of his cancer it becomes a battle of maintain the friendships that have been built on the thought that he is going to die, now he has to maintain them as the person he was before the cancer and this proves very tough.

The black comedy is a very worthwhile watch, it is slow but well paced and you really get a feel for the characters and their relationships it was released in 2009 and is a 146 minutes long it has a plethora of stars but the two leading men Sandler and Rogan are the real stars of the film,  it certainly beats scaring the pants of myself and having nightmares for a week!

You can get this film and may others on the picture box player which is a fantastic brand new subscription service. If you have a Samsung internet connected smart tv, an Ipad or a PC then you are already halfway there. You can sign up for this service for only £4.99 a month for 28 movies this is fantastic value for money!

Once you have signed up all you have to do is choose your movie and hit ‘play’! this service has perfect ease of use, it is compatible with your laptop or Pc, Xbox and your  BT Vision box

Picturebox has some fantastic content and this month is all about the horror genre their is a film for everyone no matter what your taste in music.

PictureBox website:

Current movies available:

PictureBox Facebook page:

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Bebe Moda Discount code


I recently posted a review of a Bumkin Super bib that I did a test and review of and the wonderful Bebe Moda have kindly given me a discount code for my lovely followers to use.

I chose the fabulous blue Dr Seuss Cat in the hat bib and when it arrived I could not be happier as it was bright and very funky and would suit either a girl or a boy. It is made from a material that looks to be and feels like nylon but is actually the Bumkins proprietary silky-soft waterproof fabric, it is wipe clean and goes in the washing machine and comes out clean and perfect and as bright as it was when I first got it, I have also hand washed the bib and it came out perfectly clean with no effort at all.

The bib is Lead safe, PVC, phthalate, BPA and vinyl free, it has a Generous Velcro closure for adjustable fit, and it really is generous as it fits my nearly 3 year old, she really puts it through its paces with her morning cocoa pops and her much loved sticky fruit. It has a really very generous catch pocket that collects all the dropped or spilt food, saving your child’s clothes from a dowsing of food stains.

The bibs are really good value for money they retail at £7.99 and because of the quality of the material you will get a lot of use for your money, your child will grow out of the bib before it wears out!!! You can buy the Bumkins Bib on the Bebemoda website.

The discount code is valid until the 20th Novemeber and will give you 15% of any Bumkin bibs available on their website! the bib are fantastic value for money, they are durable long lasting and very funky! Having had one for my now three year old i can whole heartedly recommend them (I have a particularly messy eater!!)

Here i the link to their gorgeous website and the code for the discount is SUPERBIB

The Bumkins Bib would make a fantastic Christmas gifts to catch all the falling turkey and stuffing!

Happy shopping

Picture Box Film Review “The Boat That Rocked”


Well this month on picture box we have had a veritable feast of music themed films to choose from, but the one that really caught my eye was The Boat That Rocked. I wanted to see this film in the cinema but having a toddler had made it impossible to do this.

Written and produced by Richard Curtis and released in 2009, the film is based upon the era of the illegal pirate radio stations of the 60’s. Brimming with a crew of the craziest sexiest darkest and coolest of radio DJ’s all under one (boat) roof, it’s one of the most fun packed films I have seen for quite some time.

I loved this film not only for the cool characters but because of the awesome music that is included in the film – all the best of the 60’s. This film is not rip-roaring funny but had me chuckling quite a number of times. The characters are fabulous and they are the most unlikely of boat buddies, the time of illegal radio has never seemed cooler. The film takes you on a journey full of laughter love and music.

One of my favourite actors Phillip Seymour Hoffman plays the ultimate radio DJ – cool, sophisticated and well liked, it’s a great performance and for me made the film that much better. Bill Nighy also puts in a great appearance as the station head honcho keeping them all organised and avoiding the attention of the British government, keen to close them down led by a stern Kenneth Branagh.

You can get this film and may others on the picture box player which is a fantastic brand new subscription service. If you have a Samsung internet connected smart tv, an Ipad or a PC then you are already halfway there. You can sign up for this service for only £4.99 a month for 28 movies this is fantastic value for money!

Once you have signed up all you have to do is choose your movie and hit ‘play’! this service has perfect ease of use, it is compatible with your laptop or Pc, Xbox and your  BT Vision box

Picturebox has some fantastic content and this month is all about the music and there is a film  for everyone no matter what your taste in music.

PictureBox website:

Current movies available:

PictureBox Facebook page:

PictureBox on Twitter:

Hasbro Playdoh review


My daughter and I got given a fabulous chance to test and review a product for Hasbro toys and while we were away in Devon a fantastic parcel arrived, we received a playdoh pizza making set.

Now I am not the biggest fan of playdoh as my daughter who turns three in October has this wonderful habit of pinching of tiny bits and dropping them on the floor, now I have a royal blue carpet (NOT my choice) and anything that gets trodden in really shows up and as all parents know it is not the easiest thing to get out your carpet once it is in there, BUT this fantastic little set has really taught her not to do that thank god.

The set comes with 3 small pots of playdoh red white and green and a larger tub of playdoh that is beige, it also has a mini pizza slice and a mini pizza cutter a play pizza oven that has an in built tray on top with lots of different shapes for you to press the dough into to make pizza toppings. The pizza oven has two little trays that you press your beige dough into to make your pizza base, you then pop it into the oven and pull the big handle down to put pressure on the dough and hey presto you have a flattened base. You then put your white playdoh in the tower with the handle and then turn it to make it into chunks of cheese, you then top your pizza with your moulded dough shapes onto the pizza to finish it off and serve to all your play friends.

My daughter absolutely adores this set she has not stopped playing with it in the 2 weeks since she has had it and i have had many a pizza made for me and so have all her teddy friends. This set has really taught her how to play with playdoh properly. Playdoh is a fantastic tool for children to use as it really helps to fine tune their motor skills and improve the dexterity of their hands. Playdoh helps to boost your Child’s imagination as they create whatever they have in their fabulous minds.

I cannot recommend this product enough as t has bought many hours of fun for my daughter and I in the last couple of weeks. This set retails at £14.99 and is worth absolutely every penny.

Picture Box service and movie review


Well I am very excited as we have been selected to become a Picture Box film reviewer, every month for the next twelve months we will be having a family movie night and writing a blog review about the movie we have watched.

This has not come at a better time as my nearly three year old daughter has had a severe chest infection and not been out the house much, and on our first movie night she chose Coraline to watch and we have probably watched it 2 times a day every day since then!

This is not normally a movie I would choose for my daughter as it is a little scary BUT she has quite a high tolerance for scary things and Coraline just captured her imagination completely and kept her gripped for the entire movie.

Coraline is an animated film by the director of the Nightmare before Christmas, it is a stop motion animation and is a stunning visual feast for the eyes, and it had us glued from the moment it started.

The main Character is Coraline Jones, she has just moved into a new house with her parents who seem to ignore her as they are to busy writing for their gardening books, so she is left to sort herself out, she meets the grandson of the women who owns the pink house she lives who is called Wybie. They form an unlikely friendship that takes them on an epic journey. The whole story revolves around a doll that she is given that looks just like her. This doll becomes the eyes for an alternative world were buttons are used for eyes and everything seems perfect, but when Coraline goes through a door to this alternate world that is identical to her own but has an underlying sinister feeling to it. You will be completely enthralled with her adventures and bravery; you will be introduced to some of the kookiest neighbours to ever exist! And two of the creepiest alternative parents that try to seduce Coraline to take buttons for eyes.

Watching this film has been a real treat and could not have been easier for us being part of the picture box on line service, we have been watching it through our BT vision box but it can also be watched through the PictureBox Player – the brand new movie subscription service which is available on your PC or Mac, or other devices such as an iPad or the latest Samsung Smart TVs.

The ease of use with this service is what makes it the perfect service to have, all you have to do is select the movie you wish to watch and hit play and hey presto your family movie night has begun, with no fuss at all. The hardest part will be choosing the movie you all want to watch from the vast selection on offer.

This service is fantastic value for money it is £4.99 a month for 28 movies, and out of that number of movies you can guarantee there will be something for everyone! I cannot recommend this service enough take a look at the website you will not be disappointed

Each month/week the content changes and new movies get added, the service follows themes and for August it was the theme of unwinding for the summer with the kids! And with films like Coraline, The Tale of Despereaux, Nanny Mcphee and Mee Shee the water giant you will have to have a movie night once or twice a week, the kids will certainly be kept entertained if the British weather carries on as it normally does.

If you would like to see what on offer here is a handy link  you can follow Picture box on facebook and Twitter: