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Friends for Life…..


Having a child is something that will change your life and I know it really changed mine, not only did I suddenly have my life turned upside down by this little bundle of joy, but I also discovered that just because I had a child and my life changed dramatically overnight it did not mean that everyone around me would suddenly drop everything and revel in the baby shenanigans.

Being a first time mum was at first a very lonely experience for me, I felt like my life had stopped overnight and suddenly I had just become  a mum, no longer was I the fun daft , a bit to loud and talkative (with a very rude sense of humour) Helen who could be incredibly dizzy and dappy. I felt like my friends had deserted me and that I no longer had a rightful place in my social circle. Why would I, I thought no one would be interested in my tired and sleep deprived baby ramblings. Let alone the fact that I felt like I was a useless mother. I really felt like everything I was doing for C was completely wrong. My poor hubby did not know which way to turn no matter how much he tried to reassure me that my friends had gone nowhere and that whenever I wanted I could go out I would find a way out of doing the thing I most wanted, I made many many excuses to not go out.

My husband was my backbone and the most patient person in the world after my I had my daughter. He was so hands on and just such a natural father things just seemed to be ok when he was around us.

I discovered baby groups when my daughter was 3 months old and this is where being a mum got a whole lot easier. I was so nervous the first time I walked into the room, but the one saving grace was that it was a new group and the session I attended was the first ever one so there was no clique of ladies who had already formed friendships, everyone who attended that day and almost every week after were so lovely. Any new mum who walked through the door at 1pm on a Thursday was welcomed and everyone made the effort o introduce themselves and coo over the new baby in the group. I have to say that the friendly atmosphere was really encouraged by the group leaders they were the same 3 ladies every week and they soon became your friends and could spot the mum who was struggling and take bubba off them for 5 minutes giving them the chance to have a cuppa and a biscuit and a chance to breath.

I went to the group every Thursday for 9 months until my daughter started nursery at 10 months old. The group would break up for the school half terms and the mums I had become good friends with made the effort to meet up. And now 2 years on I still meet with these amazing ladies and we now do it on a Friday. We have been through Pregnancies, losses, upcoming weddings, birthdays, and a triplet birth. We have supported each other through each our children’s milestones and stressed and fretted over why lour kids are not doing things we want them to. I feel so blessed to have these amazing beautiful mummies in my life, they have really supported me through some tough months with C and I feel that they have become friends for life.

Having said this I have in the last 6 months come to realise that my friends who were there celebrating with me when I announced I was pregnant are still there, they never went anywhere! If I phoned them they are still at the end of the phone, they enjoy being around my child, two of them are her god parents. I have realised and appreciated that just because my life has changed due to my child being a cheeky little monkey, theirs has not! They still have to go to work; they have to earn money pay their bills and just because they are my friends they should not be expected to drop everything just because I have a child. In other words they are still my closest friends I still adore them and I should be a lot less paranoid and have belief in my friendships, so what if it is a month or two since I have seen them I know that if I needed them they would be there for me.

A very proud Mummy…..


I have had a cracking few weeks busy but very fun. My gorgeous C has been on top form she has come out with some cracking comments that have just had me in stitches my favourite happened tonight and it tickled my hubby so much he actually felt the need to put it on Twitter. While he was giving her the money does not grow on trees lecture she in true toddler form retorted “No but apples do!”

I had a parents evening and as a parent it is nerve wracking enough wondering what the hell the staff are going to tell you about the child that you are so proud of (but know in secret can be a complete pain in the arse) thankfully I had nothing but glowing reports of what an intelligent, energetic and loving little girl I had, I was told “she just lights up the room” I was the proudest Mummy ever!.

I was not just a parent attending a parents evening I was also a mummy in business touting her wears  under the guise as Flour & Sprinkles. I had my cupcakes on show for all the parents who attended to taste and take home, I made a giant cupcake to raffle off at the end of the night. I was told it must be a fix as the nursery manager won the cake and I have had nothing but fantastic report from all the parents and staff I feel very happy and relieved that my cakes went down well. I have also had orders come in for my cupcakes which was the whole point.

I now have C more in the week than I used to as we have dropped her a day a week at nursery and I am loving every minute of having her at home (well most of the time) I feel like we are getting on much better and I am learning with my incredibly strong willed and well spoken daughter to pick my battles and fight them well, I used to try and win every tiny battle and that was just exhausting, now we are a lot more harmonious than we used to be.

I am going to end my rambling on a plead for a little advice and your tips and tales, we are trying to wean C of her dummies and having a really hard time, please could you comment below and let me know how you all did it as we need all the help we can get it is like the bloody things are super glued to her mouth!

From the Seed toddler massage


After a phenomenal and very successful body massage from Jo I decided to book my daughter in for a session of toddler massage.

My daughter has some major sleep issues and I was advised that massage is a wonderful way to ease a child into a relaxed and fulfilling long sleep. Having spoken to Jo about my daughters sleep issues at my massage, jo had blended a beautiful oil for use in our session

We were provided with a crib sheet to use at home, We started the session with my daughter sitting on the massage couch with her dolly and Jo showed her on her dolly George what she would be doing to her, my daughter thoroughly enjoyed this part and kit really put her at ease, as did Jo with her friendly motherly nature. When it came time to massage my daughter she really put jo and I through our paces as she is very head strong and will do what she wants.

She was not to keen on the height of the massage couch so we set up camp on the floor, my daughter seemed to really enjoy the arm and leg massage and doing three little piggy’s on her toes, she especially adored doing the sun and moon massage on her tummy, she has a herniated belly button and this really eased some of the aching it causes. My daughter felt so free with the massage and in Jo’s warm friendly environment she felt the need to strip off entirely.

When we left my daughter fell asleep in her buggy within minutes of walking and slept for a good two hours, I am using the gentle back stroking and to settle her down on manic nights we do the piggy’s on her toes and some gentle leg and arm massage. I am finding she is sleeping far better and more often than not she is now sleeping through the night, so we now have a very happy and harmonious household.