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Attending CyberMummy11 wow wow wow!!!


Wow wow wow I just had the most awesome day, I was very lucky to attend the CyberMummy11 blogging event and I have never felt more at home with writing my blog than I do now.

I had been trying to get a ticket to CyberMummy since one of my very good friends told me about it a few months ago; she is a fantastic mummy blogger and has a good reputation and a lot of followers, she has introduced me to them via twitter. On the Tuesday before the event I was told by a lovely lady who I new as @mummytips that Johnson and Johnson still had some sponsored tickets available (little did I know that she was Sian one of the creators of CyberMummy I have never felt more honoured!) she forwarded all my details to them and they very promptly came back to me and said that they would be happy to sponsor me.

Well it goes without saying that I had a very whirlwind of a week, that built into a total crescendo of excitement that erupted when I got off he train at London Victoria to meet two lovely blogging twitter mummy’s @sussexmummy & @soph4soph. I had never met before but new from my twitter conversations, they had agreed to help this very nervous London traveller get to her final destination CyberMummy11 at The Brewery, Chiswell Street.

I walked in very nervous and like a rabbit caught in headlights I had never seen so many mums that blog in one place. We were 400 strong and all very proud of what we were achieving no matter how big or small! I have to admit I felt a bit like a fraud as my blog Being mum to Cami has only been going for 6 months, with only 7 followers, but was pleasantly surprised to be stopped 2 or three time by people to say they like my blog and thought my daughter was cute (my head really started to swell) I know my blog is out there and I am happy with it but was never really confident that anyone else really read it apart from close family and friends, turns out I am very wrong.

We had some amazing speakers, some awesome workshops, and some funny and very moving blog post readings from some very inspirational mummy bloggers. I came home with four of the heaviest goody bags known to man my daughter was in awe of all the things I had picked up for her. I have made some fantastic contacts learnt many things but the one thing that have taken away from this amazing experience that I love the most is that I have finally put many faces to names of blog writers I love to read and converse with on twitter.

I have to go back next year as there are so many that I did not get to meet and hopefully my blog will continue and grow with all the wonderful things that I learnt. Thank you to everyone who helped me on Saturday I am most grateful and hope to see you all again next year if not sooner!