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NaBloPoMo 2


Well i missed yesterday as i was very hectic getting my babies ready to spend their first night away from me and with there Daddy. While packing all their little bits i had to wipe away a few tears as it is not every mother that lets their 11 week old son out of their site for the night.

The children stayed with Daddy at Grandmas for reasons i do not want to put on here as to personal. I was given the opportunity to get all glammed up like i used to in the good old days and go out with my to wonderful sister in laws and my gorgeous sister in law to be for a very quiet hen do (she still had to wear a tiara and sash she did not get away from it entirely).

We met in Croydon as is it was central to all and had a wonderful catch up gossip and meal. It was great to see them as i am very close to them and all of my ex husbands family as i have known them for 18 years! And i intend to keep it that way for my sake and the childrens.

When i got home i had to go straight to bed as the flat was so empty and quiet. My sons crib was empty next to my bed and i woke up often thinking it was feed time and at 4am when my daughter normally shuffles sleepily into my bed i woke up with a start wondering where she was. I have had a lovely relaxed morning and blogging this from a hot bubble bath ;0).

But i am now ready for my babies back and to give them
big lemon squeezers!

Lifft Sling Review


Lifft Sling review

I was given a lifft sling to try out as payment for working on a stall at the London Excel baby show and I could not have been paid in a better way. I have an arthritic condition called ankylosing spondylitis which is contained to the base of my spine and has a massive impact on the muscles in neck and shoulders also affecting other joints in my body. Having a two and half year old child who really loves to be carried around a lot really does take its toll on my spine (it really does not help that Daddy always gives in and carries her when she asks!!)

I have recently given up using my buggy for the nursery run as my daughter has way to much energy and I try to tire her out by making her walk, but sometimes if she has had a super active day at nursery she is just to tired to walk the long journey home, this is where the lifft sling comes in handy as she gets to be carried and I have my back and arms saved.

The sling is ample big enough for daughter to sit in comfortably; the pouch where her bottom sits is very generous and sits neatly underneath her knees without it digging in. I find it is well balanced as it folds so neatly on the shoulder and your child is comfortably sat on the opposite hip which alleviates all the stress on the base of the spine. Your arms are left free with no child cutting the circulation off or making you feel like you will resemble Mr Tickle by the end of your journey.

I love the simplicity of the sling it is just a loop of very sturdy material in a plain colour with the very funky Lifft logo very handily centrally placed to indicate exactly where your child’s bottom needs to be placed. I have found this sling to be a much need piece of equipment, I now cannot imagine my daily routine without it. My favourite thing about it is the fact that I can have some wonderful face to face conversations with my gorgeous daughter when she is super sleepy they are normally the funniest and cutest ones.

I highly recommend this sling to anyone thinking of getting some sort of baby carrier as it can be used from birth. As a woman with a more than ample chest I have found other slings difficult as I felt that I would suffocate my child but I had none of these worries with the Lifft sling, and a size 14-16 sling will even fit a Daddy of medium build. I am yet to persuade my hubby to use the sling but I think I will eventually wear him down as his arms are slowly starting feel the effects of carrying our daughter long distances.

Original review done for http://www.brightonmums.com/category/mammasreviews/