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Hasbro Playdoh review


My daughter and I got given a fabulous chance to test and review a product for Hasbro toys and while we were away in Devon a fantastic parcel arrived, we received a playdoh pizza making set.

Now I am not the biggest fan of playdoh as my daughter who turns three in October has this wonderful habit of pinching of tiny bits and dropping them on the floor, now I have a royal blue carpet (NOT my choice) and anything that gets trodden in really shows up and as all parents know it is not the easiest thing to get out your carpet once it is in there, BUT this fantastic little set has really taught her not to do that thank god.

The set comes with 3 small pots of playdoh red white and green and a larger tub of playdoh that is beige, it also has a mini pizza slice and a mini pizza cutter a play pizza oven that has an in built tray on top with lots of different shapes for you to press the dough into to make pizza toppings. The pizza oven has two little trays that you press your beige dough into to make your pizza base, you then pop it into the oven and pull the big handle down to put pressure on the dough and hey presto you have a flattened base. You then put your white playdoh in the tower with the handle and then turn it to make it into chunks of cheese, you then top your pizza with your moulded dough shapes onto the pizza to finish it off and serve to all your play friends.

My daughter absolutely adores this set she has not stopped playing with it in the 2 weeks since she has had it and i have had many a pizza made for me and so have all her teddy friends. This set has really taught her how to play with playdoh properly. Playdoh is a fantastic tool for children to use as it really helps to fine tune their motor skills and improve the dexterity of their hands. Playdoh helps to boost your Child’s imagination as they create whatever they have in their fabulous minds.

I cannot recommend this product enough as t has bought many hours of fun for my daughter and I in the last couple of weeks. This set retails at £14.99 and is worth absolutely every penny.