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C is 3


Well we have hit another toddler milestone my little girl has turned three and we have just celebrated in style, what started as humble plans turned into (in true me style) an epic party.

My gorgeous little C some 9 months ago started to demand a princess pirate party, when I asked her do you want to be a princess or a pirate she responded “God mummy no I want to be a Princess Pirate!!!” and so the party was born.

I have never made my daughter anything but cakes so I got the daft notion that I should make her costume by converting her flower girl dress from earlier this year, now I never sew and had no idea where to start so I drew round the bolero that goes to the dress to make a very dodgy pattern and bought lots of pirate style material and set about making my master piece and I have to say I was pretty pleased with the outcome apart from my very sore needle pricked fingers!!

I made all of the bunting and had her party invites illustrated by a very dear friend and after that C’s cake came to life! I copied the characters from the invite, my hubby told me the two tier cake was excessive and would not be eaten! Boy he could not have been more wrong we only had half the top layer left by the end of the day.

I get quite carried away when it comes to doing things for my daughter and I am not ashamed to say that she got thoroughly spoilt, she had a face painter and we borrowed my sisters small bouncy castle did a piñata instead of party bags and had party games and lots of prizes. It is fair to say that the party was organised mayhem

It was exhausting but so much fun; with 25 children we had lots of fun and thankfully so did the parent (I did make sure that there was plenty of wine and beer) the party was pretty sugar fuelled and when the kids got home they crashed out so I had lots of thank you’s from parents for a long and peaceful evening so a great day had by all especially by the birthday girl

A very proud Mummy…..


I have had a cracking few weeks busy but very fun. My gorgeous C has been on top form she has come out with some cracking comments that have just had me in stitches my favourite happened tonight and it tickled my hubby so much he actually felt the need to put it on Twitter. While he was giving her the money does not grow on trees lecture she in true toddler form retorted “No but apples do!”

I had a parents evening and as a parent it is nerve wracking enough wondering what the hell the staff are going to tell you about the child that you are so proud of (but know in secret can be a complete pain in the arse) thankfully I had nothing but glowing reports of what an intelligent, energetic and loving little girl I had, I was told “she just lights up the room” I was the proudest Mummy ever!.

I was not just a parent attending a parents evening I was also a mummy in business touting her wears  under the guise as Flour & Sprinkles. I had my cupcakes on show for all the parents who attended to taste and take home, I made a giant cupcake to raffle off at the end of the night. I was told it must be a fix as the nursery manager won the cake and I have had nothing but fantastic report from all the parents and staff I feel very happy and relieved that my cakes went down well. I have also had orders come in for my cupcakes which was the whole point.

I now have C more in the week than I used to as we have dropped her a day a week at nursery and I am loving every minute of having her at home (well most of the time) I feel like we are getting on much better and I am learning with my incredibly strong willed and well spoken daughter to pick my battles and fight them well, I used to try and win every tiny battle and that was just exhausting, now we are a lot more harmonious than we used to be.

I am going to end my rambling on a plead for a little advice and your tips and tales, we are trying to wean C of her dummies and having a really hard time, please could you comment below and let me know how you all did it as we need all the help we can get it is like the bloody things are super glued to her mouth!