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HTC Cha CHa for 3 Mobile


I have been lucky enough to be given the opportunity by 3 mobile to test and review the HTC Cha Cha, the new facebook phone that has just come out on the market.

At first sight I was in lust and thought the phone was gorgeous, the whole appearance of the phone was sleek and very appealing. I loved the buttons as I currently have the HTC Desire and everything is touch screen which I love but I make a lot of spelling errors. It took me some time to work out how to switch from alphabetical to numeric keys, but once I had I was well on my way.

I found it really easy to set up all my accounts like email, facebook and twitter and once setup the phone gives you little tutorials to guide you through use and setup. The camera on the phone is ace, it has 5 megapixels and takes a really clear photo. It is really responsive to you pressing the button, I have a nearly 3 year old who I love to take piccies of her but she moves fast,  so you need a camera that is fast too and this one certainly is!

The phone quality is also very good it is clear with no crackles and you don’t have to worry about noise that is around you as the phone is so clear it does not pick up background noise nor drown out your conversation

I thought the whole concept of the facebook button was a really good one. If you have taken a picture and want to post it straight away just press the button and it posts it straight to your profile and puts it in your time line, if you are on the main screen of your cha cha and press the facebook button you can update your status straight away without having to navigate through everything on facebook.  The phone is designed for social media use but I have to say that as it is aimed at this I was a little surprised by how small the screen is? The whole phone is so geared up to using it for facebook but the small screen makes it hard to see any amount of the facebook site. It really surprises me that the screen is so small when the HTC Wildfire and Desire have such lovely large screens, making using facebook on them so much easier even if lacking the lovely qwerty keyboard and little blue button.

If you are a very busy mum on the go and a bit of a social media addict then the screen being small may not be an issue as being able to use it’s simple and quick access could be all you need to get your facebook fix.

I think this is a lovely phone and would definitely appeal to those who currently use the blackberry as it has a similar appearance and feel, the screen quality is so crisp and clear with some really nice moving wall papers, but I really think it could benefit from a larger screen to make it the ultimate social media phone!