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Been a while…..


Well it has been a while since I have written a blog, “why” you ask well because things have just gone a bit manic. My role in social media mums has taken off thanks to my awesome entrepreneurial friend Chelle McCann, I have been baking for my Flour and Sprinkles business for a couple of events like the Brighton Mums website launch and another at my favourite spa Uniquely Organic Ecospa it has all been so exciting.

I have also just come back from the most lovely family holiday in Majorca Alcudia to be exact. It was the first one we have taken abroad with C and she loved it. She did not bat an eyelid at us being on a plane or taking off but tiredness soon kicked in and then she was all over the shop laying on the floor fidgeting not wanting to respond to anything we told her. When we arrived in Majorca and had boarded the coach we were told we would be the second drop off after an hours coach journey (which was one from hell thanks to C). Well how wrong they were, add another 45 mins to that journey a very overtired C two stressed parents and make us the 2nd to last drop off and hey presto that is how our holiday begins.
We had rain, thunder storms, overcast days and sun but to look at holiday pics you would never know as we made the most of the sun we had. C adored being in the sea more than the pool as it was freezing we have now all been buried in the sand, built many sand castles, made new friends from Germany who were the loveliest family with a daughter C’s age who she is now pen pals with, they were like two peas in a pod and had much fun together.
My favourite moment of the holiday was when C started to ask to join in with the mini club as they did a mini disco every night most of the songs in Spanish or German, but by the end of the holiday she knew the words and all the dance moves and we are now the proud owners of the Mini disco CD and dance to it regularly. C even watched a reptile show in the hotel and was given the opportunity to hold either a snake or a tortoise and she chose the snake, it was huge but she was adamant she wanted the snake!!!.
My funniest moment of the holiday was when C was offered another ice cream and she said “no mummy I just want fruit” my hubby and I just looked at each other and laughed, she clearly takes after her Dad for good eating I would have had the ice cream!
I really loved the time the three of us got to spend together it felt like we were finally given the opportunity to really bond with our little girl since she has grown up so much and really appreciate what a smart little cookie she really is. Since we have been home she seems to just have grown up even more and gotten even smarter, nursery even said the same thing.

All in all we just had the best holiday and a family refreshed and reunited we are and appreciating each other all over again.