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Picture Box Film Review “The Boat That Rocked”


Well this month on picture box we have had a veritable feast of music themed films to choose from, but the one that really caught my eye was The Boat That Rocked. I wanted to see this film in the cinema but having a toddler had made it impossible to do this.

Written and produced by Richard Curtis and released in 2009, the film is based upon the era of the illegal pirate radio stations of the 60’s. Brimming with a crew of the craziest sexiest darkest and coolest of radio DJ’s all under one (boat) roof, it’s one of the most fun packed films I have seen for quite some time.

I loved this film not only for the cool characters but because of the awesome music that is included in the film – all the best of the 60’s. This film is not rip-roaring funny but had me chuckling quite a number of times. The characters are fabulous and they are the most unlikely of boat buddies, the time of illegal radio has never seemed cooler. The film takes you on a journey full of laughter love and music.

One of my favourite actors Phillip Seymour Hoffman plays the ultimate radio DJ – cool, sophisticated and well liked, it’s a great performance and for me made the film that much better. Bill Nighy also puts in a great appearance as the station head honcho keeping them all organised and avoiding the attention of the British government, keen to close them down led by a stern Kenneth Branagh.

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Picturebox has some fantastic content and this month is all about the music and there is a film  for everyone no matter what your taste in music.

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