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Picture Box film review – Funny People


We are big on Halloween in are house but not big on horror movies to put it politely we are a bunch of wusses!

Picture Box did however have a fantastic range of suitably spooky films to give you one heck of a fright night in on the spookiest night of the year! Being completely petrified of horror films led us to watch a really black comedy Funny People.

Funny people is about a well established comedian (Adam Sandler) facing his mortality after being diagnosed with a very rare cancer, it gets him to thinking about his career where he came from to what he has become and his lack of friends. While Seth Rogans character is a wannabe comedian who just can’t get his break while all his friends are getting theirs, that is until an open night mic night where he is told this long standing and famous comedian is making an impromptu appearance and he will be going on stage ahead of him.

After a chance meeting in a parking lot sandlers character employs Rogans to write jokes for him to boost his career, this in turn helps the wannabe comedian get his foot on the ladder as his opening act. The story develops as does the friendship between the comedians they bond and become close as Rogans character tries to build bridges between the people that the famous comedian has hurt and cut from his life.

When he takes specialist trial treatment he is cured of his cancer it becomes a battle of maintain the friendships that have been built on the thought that he is going to die, now he has to maintain them as the person he was before the cancer and this proves very tough.

The black comedy is a very worthwhile watch, it is slow but well paced and you really get a feel for the characters and their relationships it was released in 2009 and is a 146 minutes long it has a plethora of stars but the two leading men Sandler and Rogan are the real stars of the film,  it certainly beats scaring the pants of myself and having nightmares for a week!

You can get this film and may others on the picture box player which is a fantastic brand new subscription service. If you have a Samsung internet connected smart tv, an Ipad or a PC then you are already halfway there. You can sign up for this service for only £4.99 a month for 28 movies this is fantastic value for money!

Once you have signed up all you have to do is choose your movie and hit ‘play’! this service has perfect ease of use, it is compatible with your laptop or Pc, Xbox and your  BT Vision box

Picturebox has some fantastic content and this month is all about the horror genre their is a film for everyone no matter what your taste in music.

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