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From the Seed toddler massage


After a phenomenal and very successful body massage from Jo I decided to book my daughter in for a session of toddler massage.

My daughter has some major sleep issues and I was advised that massage is a wonderful way to ease a child into a relaxed and fulfilling long sleep. Having spoken to Jo about my daughters sleep issues at my massage, jo had blended a beautiful oil for use in our session

We were provided with a crib sheet to use at home, We started the session with my daughter sitting on the massage couch with her dolly and Jo showed her on her dolly George what she would be doing to her, my daughter thoroughly enjoyed this part and kit really put her at ease, as did Jo with her friendly motherly nature. When it came time to massage my daughter she really put jo and I through our paces as she is very head strong and will do what she wants.

She was not to keen on the height of the massage couch so we set up camp on the floor, my daughter seemed to really enjoy the arm and leg massage and doing three little piggy’s on her toes, she especially adored doing the sun and moon massage on her tummy, she has a herniated belly button and this really eased some of the aching it causes. My daughter felt so free with the massage and in Jo’s warm friendly environment she felt the need to strip off entirely.

When we left my daughter fell asleep in her buggy within minutes of walking and slept for a good two hours, I am using the gentle back stroking and to settle her down on manic nights we do the piggy’s on her toes and some gentle leg and arm massage. I am finding she is sleeping far better and more often than not she is now sleeping through the night, so we now have a very happy and harmonious household.